The Wahkiakum County Eagle
 The Wahkiakum County Eagle has served the printing and publishing needs of Wahkiakum County and Naselle since May 14, 1891. In The Eagle, you'll find the pulse of the community.

  • News stories tell what has happened to affect the community as well as what state, county, city and school government are doing. Feature stories describe the community's unusual and fascinating people. Photographs show these events and portray the area's beauty. Finally, the paper carries news of the many local clubs and organizations.
  • On the economic scene, The Eagle tells what is in the community marketplace. The Eagle's display and classified ads are the place to buy and sell in Wahkiakum County and Naselle.
  • The Eagle features traditional job printing services, from wedding announcements to business cards or multi-page computer forms.
  • This is an age of mass media--daily newspapers, radio, the internet and television. All are effective on a mass scale. Wahkiakum County, however, isn't the mass scale and the mass media don't always work here. The Eagle does.