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Port 1 board discusses Wooden Boat Fest

Published on Wed, Jan 8, 2014 by Diana Zimmerman

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Port District Number 1 Commissioners gathered for a short meeting on Friday evening.
New commissioner Bob Kizziar’s first item of business was the Wooden Boat Festival held in July during the same weekend as Bald Eagle Days.


“I would like to grow the Wooden Boat Festival,” said Kizziar, ”and marry it to a Plastic Fantastic. I don’t believe either one could carry an event alone, but perhaps together, it could.”


The event would have to be moved to a different weekend from the Bald Eagle festivities and would showcase wooden boats as well as plastic boats designed before or during the 1970’s, according to Kizziar. With a go-ahead from Commissioner Larry Bonds, Kizziar will be making inquiries to ascertain whether having an event this year would be feasible.


Port Manager Jackie Lea reported that someone had errantly turned the water on to the F-dock after the line had been winterized and turned off for the season. There were several breaks in the line and repairs will need to be made before the water can be turned back on.  

They continued to discuss their new policy of requiring proof of insurance for all boats docked in the marina.   


“Some people aren’t going to like it, but it’s just the way of the times,” Bonds said. “Liability issues have gotten too big and too involved.”