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Grange drawing winners announced

Published on Wed, Dec 18, 2013 by Kay Chamberlain

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NEXT ROUND?--We finally got over the "deep freeze" although there are still ponds and shady spots that are frozen. However, according to one forecast, we could see more freezing this week, and in some areas, even a few snow showers at the end of the week. I can't tell you how much I hope they are wrong!  If you believe the Farmer's Almanac, they are saying we could have snow for several days before Christmas and during Christmas, so for all of you who would (for some reason) want a white Christmas, I'm sure you'll be cheering for snow to fall, but as for me, I'm hoping against it, as family gatherings will be cancelled and I'll be stuck with a whole lot of holiday goodies to try and eat myself!


SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 19-25 are  Alysha Twiet, Jose Castillo, Christina Helms, Linda Price, Garrett McClain, Jimmie Lou Cleveland, Shawn Deal, Gwen Gorley, Tyler Gorley, John Hoven Jr., L.D. Mahoney, Kimmie Wright, Barbara Moore Johnson, Sherry Pedersen Stewart and Ron Clement.  Happy Anniversary wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoven and also to Roger and Jo Reed, who are celebrating their big day today!  Have great birthday and anniversary celebrations everybody!


BIG WINNER!--While the Skamokawa Grange was unable to hold their free holiday spaghetti dinner last Saturday, we still drew the lucky ticket holder and winner of the big holiday basket that we were giving away, along with several other items.  I took all the tickets down to the Skamokawa General Store, and cashier Tami Bosch drew the first ticket out of several hundred, and proclaimed the winner to be Cathlamet resident, Lorna Backman!  Congratulations to her!   Other winners were  Cheryl Nelson, Jean Horman, Sherry Stewart, Mrs. Harvey, Jennifer Norris, Steve Hirst, Pam Elliott, the Shooto family, Lou Anne Hedges, Theresa Kuljis, Kelly Hammond, Judy Garrison, Iris Coover, Debbie Cleveland, Mike Johnson and Roy Herrold. If you see your name listed and I have not contacted you, please contact me and we'll work out a time to get your prize delivered to you.  The Skamokawa Grange wants to thank all who supported this fund raising event.


THIS SUNDAY--There's going to be another Free Family Fun Night at the Skamokawa Resort this Sunday from 4-6 p.m., where kids will make "reindeer food" and put together Christmas crafts.  The fun all takes place in the meeting room in the house just to the right of the store.  The last time they held one of these was just prior to Thanksgiving and they had a real nice sized group of kids show up, so the Britts hope you'll bring your kids and have another swell time together.


SAD TIMES--It's been an awfully sad time around our area and for one Skamokawa couple, doubly sad, as Vicki Reid lost her sister not long ago, and now her husband Dennis has lost his step-father and so we send him and his family our sincerest condolences.  Also, Bob Olsen Sr. passed away last week and that was just heart breaking news for that family as it wasn't so long ago that Bobby passed away, so they too have our deepest sympathies.  A moment of silence was observed at the basketball game last Saturday night in his honor and all the boys wore t-shirts with his favorite saying, with all proceeds from t-shirts sales of the "Mule Pride" design going towards a scholarship fund in his name.  Also, we all saw where "Doc" Christianson passed away earlier this month and we send our condolences to his family.  I can still see this "villian" on stage back in the old days of the community theater and he was a real riot and played his parts with great gusto. However, having been one of those kids who broke their front teeth in the second grade, most of my memories of him come from spending a lot of time in his office getting my teeth repaired and that's one memory I'd like to forget!


BASKETBALL BEGINS--The Mules basketball team was playing back to back games this week after playing a make-up game on Monday night against Winlock, which they won, prior to their regular scheduled game on Tuesday (Dec. 17 - Pe Ell) and then they'll play again on Thursday (tonight) against MWP; all home games, so they will need some extra stamina to keep up with that pace.  We were happy to see them come from behind last Saturday against the South Bend Indians and beat them, so we hope to keep the Mule Train rollin' all week long!


GIRLS BB--The Lady Mules have a home game against Morton/White Pass this Friday night (tomorrow) and we wish them good luck as they take to the courts after a resounding win over South Bend at the beginning of the month.  They'll have an away game in Onalaska this Saturday but the girls won't have another home game until mid-January.  Go Lady Mules!


FOOTBALL BANQUET--Last Sunday evening the members of the Mule 2013-14 football team were recognized for their various achievements at the annual football banquet.  Prior to all the awards and trophies being passed out, those attending got to dig into a dessert banquet put on by the Junior Class parents. There were some pretty tasty goodies on display for sure!  Many awards were given out and there were many proud parents and grandparents on hand to watch these young men receive their much deserved awards and trophies.  This year was a little bittersweet for Coach Hansen as his son was among the many seniors whose high school football days were over and so presenting these final awards and trophies to him was definitely an emotional one.   


For me, having my grandson, Senior Austin Good, receive several awards was very fulfilling but having him receive the All American Academic Award for holding a 3.5 GPA while putting in hours and hours on the football field at practice and games, was truly the most important and gratifying award of all.  Sometimes I think we tend to forget that these kids go to school all day, go to lengthy practices in miserable weather, get home late with tired and sore muscles and then still have to study for tests and do homework for most classes that they take, so if they manage to "do it all," they are pretty special.


Congratulations to all the team members who made this year's football team so fun to watch!


CHILDREN ENTERTAIN--When John and Mary Gustafson hosted a holiday party recently, the guests were treated to a wonderful surprise when the Viktor Goldinov family came by and sang Christmas carols for them.  Everyone marveled at how wonderful they sounded and even two year old Olga did a great job of swaying in time to the music, which was provided by their mother on her accordian.


HELP NEEDED--I hope you noticed the ad in last week's Eagle regarding the need for a new member on the Wahkiakum Fair Board.  If you are one of those people who can work well with others, work through various problems in a timely manner and are enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to putting on fund raisers for the fair, then you are the person for the job!  Contact the Wahkiakum County Commissioners at 795-8048 to get an application.


COMING RIGHT UP--It's hard to believe but Christmas is right around the corner, as this coming Wednesday is the big day. Wow, where has the time gone?  We want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and we hope you get to spend it with family and friends so you'll be making some wonderful holiday memories to share for years to come.


OUT OF THE PAST--During this same week in 1948, it was clear and cold and the hills around Cathlamet were full of snow.  Ralph Pedersen helped his Grandma Elsie Everest make popcorn balls for the upcoming holiday gathering, which were enjoyed by family members later on as they gathered at the Everest home for a nice big dinner.   The following day, the Everests headed to the home of Leon and Marian Healy for a big turkey dinner with their family.  A picture from one of Grandma's good friends was that of a smiling Jimmy Mast, whose mother Elva had included it in her Christmas card.


In 1958 the week began with a lot of fog and then a lot of rain but luckily by Christmas Day, it was only a little wet.  The Pocahontas Christmas party was a lot of fun with 27 people there earlier in the week.  Just before Christmas, Elva Mast shared the news of the sale of Johnson's Variety Store by Mary Johnson; currently Tsuga Gallery. On Christmas Eve, the Everests headed to daughter Carol Pedersen's house on Puget Island where 20 people enjoyed "the best ham ever" that evening.  The following day it was back to Puget Island and the Krist Pedersens to spend Christmas with another 24 relatives with more friends and family arriving later on. Grandma was pleased and very surprised to receive a coffee table made for them by grandson David Pedersen.


In 1963 the weather was much nicer with only a light rain one day.  It was off to the school concert for the Pedersens and Everests as Kay Pedersen was singing in the choir that year.  Ralph Appelo passed away that week; he was an uncle of Carlton.  Also, Mrs. Elma Wiester passed away on Dec. 23 at the age of 82. She had lived in Skamokawa almost her entire life, having moved to Cathlamet in her later years.  She was a charter member of the Skamokawa Grange and was survived by two sons, Robert and William.  On Christmas Eve, David Pedersen called his family from the submarine base in Connecticut and talked to everyone, including his Grandma Everest and she was pleased to hear from him.  Later on, the whole group went to the Jonas Pedersen home and enjoyed a lot of Norweigan foods.  On Christmas Day, it was a trip to daughter Marian's home where they had a delicious dinner and then to daughter Carol Pedersen's home where the whole family gathered except for David.  The evening's guest, Jessie Sawyer, with her magical story telling abilities, made for a warm and old-fashioned Christmas which everyone enjoyed.  With all the gifts they received, along with several unsigned Christmas cards with cash in them, Grandma Elsie said she was so very blessed to have good family and friends who treated them so well.  All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.