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Looking forward to the new year of 2014

Published on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 by Kay Chamberlain

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WET--As I begin this column covering the last week of this year, we're back to rain with some chilly nights, so with winter having officially started last Saturday, I guess that's pretty normal.  Let's all remember to turn on those headlights when traveling in this gloomy, foggy weather, as it's really hard to see oncoming traffic, so let's drive defensively and do everything we can to have a safe holiday season.


SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from December 26-January 1 are Duncan Cruickshank, Steve Smith, Donald Cooper, Kohl Bergseng, Lee Tischer, Nancy McCoy, Tony Danker, Terry Cleveland, John Hoven, Charlene Montgomery, Greg Bain, Mary Gustafson, Jim Blain, Toby Bell and Frank Pedersen. Happy birthday wishes to all of you!


Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to  Mr. and Mrs. Orville Lindsey, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Thacker, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Helms, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jungers and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bigler. Enjoy your special days everybody!


GOOD TIMES--Hats off to Logan Britt and the crew at the Duck Inn for providing such a wonderful time at their "Customer Appreciation Day" that was held last weekend.  It was really fun and for us old timers, having an evening of specials and entertainment begin at an earlier hour, was really truly appreciated!  The big winner of the Kindle giveaway was Judy Garrison, so congratulations to her. She's been a mighty lucky lady lately as she was also one of the winners in the Skamokawa Grange drawing recently!


NICE TIME--David and Connie Shrum held their first holiday gathering at their new place here in Skamokawa and everyone who attended enjoyed an evening of good food, good wine and good company.  It's not always possible to get work schedules and off days synched together, so they were mighty happy to have that work out this year.


GAMES--It's been a roller coaster for the Mules basketball team this last week with some wins and some losses but we'll cheer them on as they shake off this latest game and head to Dayton for the basketball tournament there on Dec.27-28 where we hope they'll get their mojo working and come out with a win.  Don't forget the big match-up with Naselle on January 4. We hope the weather going over the hill won't be a factor. No matter the outcome of these games, we appreciate their hard work and sacrifice to take part in this fast paced sport.  The Lady Mules will be playing a basketball tournament in Napavine on July 27 and 28 with their first game of the new year in South Bend on January 11. Go girls!


LEFT OUT--Sometimes when one cuts and pastes, a line gets left out and that's what happened to me a couple weeks ago as I thanked the various people who donated to the Skamokawa Grange gift basket. Sorry about that!  Anyway, I also wanted to thank Judy Danielsen and Janet Bryan for donating items for this event and also to Ed Stevens for putting up our Christmas lights once again, as it always looks so cheery to have them up during these dreary evenings.  Thanks so much!


THINKING OF THEM--We know there are several folks who could use your positive thoughts and prayers right now and I'm sure you know of several as well, so without naming names, we hope you'll take a moment and think of them.  Some folks are not well enough to receive company nor do they want to be inundated by phone calls all day, so maybe you could drop them a note and let them know that they are in your thoughts, as I'm sure they'd appreciate it.


APPRECIATE COMMENTS--When I read a piece last week concerning our county commissioners objections to the USFWS proposal to move deer from the Island, I was totally elated.  The three reasons that were given to stop this project were right on!   Indeed the reasons that were given could be backed up by the USFWS own records and newspaper articles, so the "back up data" should be easy to find.  Not to mention, every person who owned property out there could attest to how things were and who saw it go from a perfect place for the deer and elk to live and survive, to a total decline of animals now.  Plus, the grounds which had been some of the best areas for deer to graze and which were spotted by everyone as they drove by, are now covered in duck ponds and that's a fact.  I hope the USFWS can be stopped in this latest effort to remove the deer from Puget Island, as if the Ridgefield deer are diminishing, it would be better to find out why and fix that problem, before hazing and harrassing our Island deer and having another huge deer kill by those who are supposed to be protecting them.


NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS--We hope to see you during the New Year's celebration held at the Duck Inn next week which is sure to be a lot of fun, or you can go to the Diner on Main, which will be having both an "East Coast Toast" at 9 p.m., which works out better for some of us seniors, as well as a later party.  Wherever you go or whatever you do, please don't drink and drive as we don't want to wrap up this year with any more tragedies or losses.


As we end this year and begin another, we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and that this New Year brings you peace and happiness.


OUT OF THE PAST--During this same week in 1958, it was pretty much wet and nasty out except for the last day of the year which saw clear skies, but temperatures dropped to 20 degrees.  The big news in Wahkiakum County at the end of this year came when Crown Zellerback Corp. ended their longtime railroad operations from the forests out the Elochoman Valley. The present railroad grades were going to be converted to truck roads.  A picture was featured in which No. 16 locomotive was headed from the valley to the log dump in Cathlamet, with engineer Walt Witham guiding the train.  This year saw some of the driest weather in local history with only .37 inches of rain during the summer.  While that seemed low, back in 1930, there was only .12 inches recorded.  This year ended with Elsie and Ralph Everest celebrating their 45th anniversary while her sister, Jean and husband Frank, celebrated 32 years.  Maude and Robert Springs held an anniversary party at the city hall to celebrate their 50 years of marriage; there was a huge crowd there.  All this according to Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.