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Fair planners need your input


September 20, 2012

TIME'S FLYING--Well, as you can see by the date, time is flying by super fast and we're already heading into our fourth week of the month. Where has the time gone and won't it please slow down? I think that ever since I was sick, I've been behind and cannot seem to get caught up on all the things I know that need doing before our rains come and don't leave. To top it all off, Autumn officially starts this Saturday, so say farewell to Summer. Let's hope for an Indian Summer and I'd say from the little heat wave of last weekend, we're headed in the right direction.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays between September 20 and 26 are Rownen Vegvary, Tracy Carroll, Jim Mendoza, Sam Longtain, Monte Longtain, Shona Heywood, Dan Turner, Ty Norris, Christine Bigler, Bruce Holland, Brenda Peek, Brett Havens, Leah Clark, Michael Danker, Bob Bacon, David L. Vik, George Wilde, Linda Newton, Shannon Lewis, Barbara Shaver, Edith Erickson, Karla Kyle and Lori Kyle. Here's to happy birthday celebrations for you this week.

Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Parker, Mr. and Mrs. John Burdick and Mr. and Mrs.Phillip Vik. Enjoy your special days!

PLANNING AHEAD--Recently a meeting was held as a follow-up to the First Mule Train All School Reunion. As I was under the weather, I was unable to attend, but Pam Below Lazor showed up and was kind enough to take minutes, which co-ordinator Susan Kuhn sent out. There were many suggestions with one of the main ones being that we truly needed the high school to pull off this event, as with a stage and sound system and larger area, this would have all been much easier. Also, hiring a caterer to deal with the food seems like a big plus. One of the big decisions made was that the group decided on what they thought would be best with the money that was left over. It was decided to be put into an account for the next All School Reunion, which will be the Centennial Reunion for the school. They opted to hold it close to fair time so folks could possibly come and stay for that as well, so put August 13, 2016 down on your calendars today and start spreading the word.

A of G--The Assembly of God "GiGles" group is going on an outing to the Lewis County Art Trails Gallery Show on September 22, in the Centralia/Chehalis area. The group says that all of those who are going should remember that they need to be at the church parking lot at, or before, 9 a.m. so they can load up the van and get on the road. The group plans to have lunch along the way and doesn't plan to be home until about 6 p.m. that evening, so they will have a fun day out and about.

COVERED BRIDGE DINNER--I mentioned the Columbia River Country Days last week which is coming up October 5 and 6, just to get you thinking about it. Now I want to get you drooling about it as the menu sounds very yummy! Columbia River salmon is going to be served, which is being donated by local fishermen, along with a fresh mushrooms dish of chanterelles picked by local volunteers. There will locally grown potatoes and vegetables to round out the meal and then for dessert, it's going to be a fresh huckleberry dessert with the berries being picked by volunteers once again, so this is one local dinner for sure!

Also at the dinner you will be treated to some fantastic violin music by Jeffrey Reynolds, who many of you may know from the Skamokawa Grange's Smoky Water Follies show; he's fantastic! He's also been featured at many other venues but if you haven't heard him, then here's your chance. Joel Fitts is going to be doing some Cowboy Poetry and auctioning off some things, so it's going to be a great time at the Grays River Covered Bridge for sure!

If you'd like tickets, you can pick them up at the Bank of the Pacific in either Cathlamet or Naselle. Remember, they are $35 for adults, but only $25 for seniors and veterans. Hope to see you there! Contact Carrie Backman at the WSU Wahkiakum County Extension office at 795-3278 if you need more info or check out their website.

GREAT GAME FLYERS--It was good to see the flyers around Cathlamet about the upcoming games for the Mules and Lady Mules. The mighty Mules will be away playing Pe Ell tomorrow (Friday) while the JV team will take them on at home on Monday night. Tonight (Thursday), the JC Thomas Middle School takes on Onalaska here at home, game at 6 p.m. Last week, they lost to Adna at home but considering the huge difference in size and age, Adna definitely had the advantage. I'll say one thing, it was one toasty night, which we don't have a chance to complain about too much around here! One winner on our side of the field was the great burgers being cooked up by Steve McClain. The smell of that barbecue grilled burger was mouth watering indeed!

The Lady Mules Volleyball team will be taking on Toutle Lake at home, both Varsity and JV teams will be playing tonight. The cross country kids will be taking on MWP-Cascade Peeks there tonight, so it's a busy night indeed.

SYMPATHY--Well, we were certainly sad to learn of the passing of Carol Quigley on September 7. Carol, along with her husband Frank, got us into their house out here in West Valley over 25 years ago, and we truly appreciated them for sharing their view with us. Our deepest sympathies go to Carol's two sons Bob and Ron and their families. Carol did not have a service but a request was made that those wishing to donate something in her name could do so to the Wahkiakum Historical Society, P. O. Box 541, Cathlamet, 98612.

FAIR IDEAS--Now that the Wahkiakum County Fair is over, it is hoped that we can all work together and come up with a few more things for next year for the kids to do. While many want a full blown carnival with rides to be included, folks need to understand that these things aren't for free, nor can you call them at the last minute and expect them to be able show up. The funding for the fair last year came in the Spring, way too late to contact any carnival folks. Plus, when they were here quite a few years ago, the cost was over $3,000 to get one to come here, and I'm sure they're asking more than that now. The money they make goes to them, not our fair. Of course, then you had the parents complaining because each bracelet for the kids was quite expensive and they were really feeling the pressure to dish out all that money for their kids to win stuff or nothing. So, whichever one does, it seems to have its supporters and non-supporters.

Personally, I thought it would be great to have some old fashioned games, like carrying an egg in a spoon and racing with it or a money pile, which is a pile of hay with quarters in it or a three legged sack race or a bean bag toss; something fun, cheap and it could be a money maker for some group without a lot of hoopla to set up or do, and yet be fun for the kids, but not such a strain on the parents pocketbooks. At any rate, if one wants to improve on things, then I'd suggest they be part of the solution and not part of the problem. So, jump on in there and come up with some easy, do-able ways for kids to have fun on the cheap and you make it happen!

CONGRATS--Well, it looks like Cole Claussen will soon be a Navy boy and so we offer him a hearty congratulations and good luck! His family will be having a barbecue to send him off at the home of his dad, Don Claussen, on West Sunny Sands Road this Saturday. Here's to you Cole as you take on this adventure and service to your country!

GRANGE AVAILABLE--I've had a few calls about whether or not the Skamokawa Grange is for rent, and the answer is yes. Of course we do have a couple of events already planned and some dates are not available, and there is that second Monday of the month meeting night, but other than that, it's available. Call Jessica Fletcher at 795-8770 for details. The hall rental cost is $100 for a full day with a $50 deposit, although half days are available too, for just $50. Those half day times reflect an either early morning/or later evening in and out affair with no set up or take down time involved. So, if you need a place for a large gathering, the grange is the place to be; it's wheelchair accessible, as are the bathrooms and it's looking much nicer now that we have some nice new curtains in the windows!


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