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Why should anyone be surprised?


January 24, 2013

To The Eagle:

"For the government to permit banks to issue money, borrow that money, and pay interest on it is idiotic!" --Bill Hixon.

Requiring commercial gillnet fishermen to try to fish in a little puddle is idiotic! It would be something akin to requiring that sport fishermen only be allowed to fish from port district docks, not floats, docks where ships tie up. That, too, would be idiotic!

Giving the Army Corps of Engineers a pass on dealing with the increased erosion on the Steamboat Slough dike caused by their projects and actions is idiotic!

Relocating Columbia River white-tail deer because of the inaction of the Corps of Engineers is idiotic!

Why should someone who advocates or does something idiotic be surprised if they are called idiots?

Gilbert Vik



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