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No hunting signs needed in valley


December 4, 2013

To The Eagle:

Four weeks ago, two gentlemen from Longview were arrested after killing a bull elk from the herd of 22 which frequent the Columbia Land Trust land. This land is listed in the Washington hunting guide as a no hunting area. Four weeks of The Eagle have been published since this occurred, and this incident has never been mentioned.

I have hunted big game in my home state of Wisconsin and also in Wyoming, Maryland and Pennsylvania. If this incident had taken place in any of those four states, these two men would have had their vehicle and weapons confiscated. They would also have had their hunting privileges suspended for a number of years. They would also have had their story highly publicized in newspapers to discourage others from hunting illegally.

I have in the past requested the Columbia Land Trust to post No Hunting signs on Nelson Creek Road, Risk Road and SR 4. This would prevent road hunters on Risk Road from shooting ducks from their vehicles, only to return under the cover of moonlight to retrieve their kill.

I would also suggest that by closing Nelson Creek Road between the only driveway close to SR 4 and the intersection with Risk Road, road hunting would be curtailed and the illegal dumping of dead goats; furniture; live, unwanted kittens, and other unwanted junk would cease. The road could then be reopened after hunting season.

Frank Loomans, Cathlamet


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