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Date has been changed for Vendors' Market


January 15, 2014

WILD ONE--Last weekend was a pretty crazy one, with thunder, heavy downpours, strong winds and even a sun break or two on Saturday but pretty much a foggy, rain fest on Sunday with tree limbs coming down and horrible visibility on the roads; a good time to stay indoors. While we didn't have any major problems here, many folks to the east and west of us did and thousands lost power. However, it was perfect football watching weather if you still had power! Now they'll be taking on the San Francisco 49'ers and the fun will really begin this weekend, rain or shine. Go 'Hawks!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Jan. 16-22 are: Theresa Kuljis, Bruce McClain, Ann Brown, Don Marsyla, Arvid Blix, Tim Hanigan, Beryl Curtis, Randy Rodahl, Trystan Mendez, Shanna Havens, Kortnee Vivian, Linda Seaberg, Bill Olsen, Brandon Burdick, Brenda Faber, Bailey Danker, Bernice Tover Ellison, Elizabeth Frink and Shane Pedersen. Happy Anniversary to Dale and Margaret Strueby, Bob and Patty Ohrberg and Michael and Nikki Danker. May all of your special days bring you much happiness and great memories.

MORE TO GO--The Mules have had a couple of stumbles lately and last Thursday's game against Mossyrock was a real heart breaker after losing a fairly large lead in the first half. Another loss on Saturday was tough to take as well, but we've got a lot more basketball games to go, which includes a game tomorrow night, the 17th, in Winlock and then a home game against Napavine on Wednesday, Jan. 22, which has no JV game prior to the varsity game. The home game against Adna Tues. night came too late for my news due at noon that day. Here's to some Mule Train toughness as we continue our season!

SEED EXCHANGE--The Skamokawa Grangers met last Monday night and an idea for a "seed exchange" came about by member, Jessica Fletcher and with encouragement from other outside entities, it was decided that the grange hall would be a great place for locals to do just that, exchange their seeds. I'm not a gardener, but I'm told that most who are usually have extra seeds, or that they let their own plants go to seed, and they are willing to share them with others. So, if you'd like to take part in this exchange program and maybe pass some of your gardening tips to others while you're at it, contact Jessica at 795-8770 and come to the hall on February 1 at 10 a.m.

VENDORS' DATE CHANGED--I mentioned last week that the Vista Vendors' Market was possibly going to be moved out of Vista Park and into the grange hall so that we didn't have to deal with weather issues, and this was approved by the grangers last Monday. Also, the date of it has been changed due to conflicting events, so we're upping it a month and going to hold it on June 28 instead. Hopefully, this will allow us a little breathing room between then, Bald Eagle Days and then the Wahkiakum Co. Fair, which are all very busy times. If you're interested in being a vendor, give me a call!

NICE GIFT BASKET--The Wahkiakum Fair Board has a very nice gift basket to give away next month at their Valentine Diamond Dinner on Feb. 8, so we hope you will be buying your tickets to attend this fund raising event for the Wahkiakum County Fair soon and maybe you'll find yourself the lucky winner of it. Tickets are available at the Bank of the Pacific and the Rosburg Store for $25. When you buy this ticket, you will also be given one free entry into the gift basket drawing that evening, with others available for purchase for a dollar. If you win the diamond jewelry, thanks to Logan Britt of the Duck Inn, you will also get a $50 dinner gift certificate. His brother and wife, Skamokawa Resort & store operators Lance and Shannon Britt, are donating a bottle of champagne for the basket, and that comes with a couple of wine goblets to boot. Also included, thanks to a donation from Mary Gustafson, will be some chocolates and a candle to give it that romantic touch! We certainly appreciate all of the donations by these folks and we know the lucky winner will be very pleased with their diamond jewelry and basket of goodies.

POSTMASTER--Most of you locals have probably heard by now, but in case you haven't, our Skamokawa postmaster/mistress, Lou Anne Hedges, was admitted to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland last week with health issues and Lisa Mooers is currently taking her place. I know we are all wishing the very best for LouAnne and will be thinking only positive thoughts and saying many prayers on her behalf.

CHAMBER--If you have an event coming up this year, please contact Ashley Turner at the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Information Center at the former home of Julia Butler Hansen, at the corner of Main and Butler in Cathlamet, or call 795-9996. You can also contact her by email: or mail the information to her at: P.O. Box 52 Cathlamet 98612.

ANGRY NEIGHBORS--A visit by wildlife agents to neighbors in West Valley had everyone all riled up, as they wanted to shoot a perfectly healthy elk calf in order to study the hoof rot problem. The answer was "no" and the response was that if they didn't let them do it, they'd just wait until the herd moved off their place and they'd shoot one elsewhere. Now that didn't sit well either. All flat lands here are owned by private individuals and permission must be given for them to be on any one of them or else it's called trespassing! If you took your sick dog to the Vet, would you expect him to go and kill my neighbor's perfectly healthy dog to study what's wrong with mine? I hope not! It's been elk hunting season for months and I'm sure a hunter had a healthy elk kill that they could have studied, rather than killing a perfectly healthy baby elk.

OUT OF THE PAST--This coming week in 1944, it was like Spring one day and pouring rain the next but Grandma was happy the last four days were just beautiful. The smelt were in the Cowlitz River. That week Elsie Everest was awarded a 15 year pin by the Pacifice Telephone and Telegraph Co. for her service with them. That week, there were lots of planes flying and everyone watched a big aircraft carrier go up river. At the Pocohontas Lodge meeting that week, they honored Marie Larson as it was her birthday. After Grace Hepler brought the Everests some Presto-logs, she and Grandma had pie and coffee for lunch.

This week in 1954, it was snowing all over the place. While the kids loved it, some folks like Pearl Burns who flipped her car over in it, were not as pleased. The Everests walked up to the Masts' and munched on "twisters." The walk home was "snappy" said Grandma Elsie but said it felt good. Grandma worked the night shift at the telephone office and visited with the new man, Marshall Meyers. By the end of the week it was down to 20 degrees and town hill was mighty slippery. Ralph Pedersen was out sliding with the Bjorges! Grandma was still able to go to the show, which starred Kathryn Grayson which she thought was real good and went to the Rebekah's club meeting and had a nice time.


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