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Free seed exchange is set for February 1


January 22, 2014

BRR--Here in West Valley, we still know it's winter time as it's been freezing at night and with the fog rolling in upon us in the evening and morning hours, we wind up with "freezing fog" that definitely makes things white with frost and slick to boot, not to mention, cold! Even though the sun looks nice, you'd best not be strutting outside without a warm coat the first half of the day, as in spite of that bright orb in the sky, it's still not too warm out there.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from January 23-29 are Sharon Buennagel, Trinity Thompson, Sharon Schmitz, Laura Bennett, Ronda Rose, Brandon McClain, Emma R. Lindsey, Sherry Ostling, Margie Moore, Kaylyn Kaattari, Daniel Hoven, Linette Hoven, Becky Thacker, Sam Tarabochia, Gary York, Wayne Cochran, Kyli Prestegard, Carol Cothren, Verena Nepsund, Inez Danielson, Deanna Simpkins, Jolene Wright, Leslie Sullivan, Shirley Mae Toney, Mike Nollan, Nicolas Kubacki, Jodie Baccellieri, R. Marshall Everest, Cindi Pedersen and grandson, Luke Sechler. Here's wishing all of you a wonderful time on your birthdays this coming week.

BB GAMES--It was great to see the win over Winlock by our mighty Mules last Friday and we hope they did as well last night, (Wed.) against Napavine. The boys will head out of town on both Friday and Saturday nights as they go to Pe Ell and Morton/White Pass so that's quite a bit of traveling in a short time. Next Wednesday they will be back home against Onalaska, and as always, we hope they move that Mule train and hustle up some wins.

The girls play tonight, Thursday, here at home against Pe Ell and they will also play MWP away on Friday and come back home on Tuesday to play Onalaska. Go Lady Mules; you're doing great!

THIS SATURDAY--Once again, the Appelo Archives Center will be the site of the center's Annual Old Time Loggers Reunion and this year marks their fourth year. They will be honoring Ed Wirkkala and Martin Nygaard, so if you happen to know these hard working loggers or you are in the Naselle area, stop by from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and say hello. There will be coffee and refreshments for those that stop by and the Archives Cafe will also be open for lunch if you happen to need something a little more filling around lunch time. For more info, call Samantha 360-484-7103.

BIG GAME--I'm thinking that just about everyone was glued to their television sets last Sunday afternoon as the conference championships were played between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49'ers. The Broncos had control of their game right from the start, while our 'Hawks seemed to take half the game to get it together. Needless to say, most of us Washingtonians were cheering like crazy when our 'Hawks defeated the 49'ers and will be cheering even louder as they head to the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

If you want to truly enjoy the game, head down to the Duck Inn that day, where they will have two 70'' inch big screen tv's set up for your viewing pleasure.

TICKETS ARE FOR SALE--Here's hoping you're planning on coming down to the Wah. Fair Board's annual Valentine Diamond dinner on Feb. 8 at the Skamokawa Grange Hall. Tickets are available at the Bank of the Pacific in Cathlamet and on the Westend, at the Rosburg store. They are $25 each and includes your meal, beverage and one chance to win the grand prize of the diamond jewelry and gift basket. Other door prizes are available as well. Dinner starts at 6 p.m. and continues until 9 p.m. with music provided by pianist, Kathleen Peterson.

SAD NEWS--We learned of some very sad news about a former local gal, WA-KI-HI graduate and part of my son's family, as Lynn Good Fancher passed away last week in a Portland hospital. Lynn was the daughter of Arnold and Reidun Good Green (now deceased) and her siblings were Eric Good (now deceased), a twin, Gwen (Arve) Good Ronninghaug of Norway and Kari Good Claussen of Longview. She leaves behind her husband, Larry and two sons and many nephews, nieces and cousins. Lynn was always a real sweetheart and she will be missed; our deepest sympathies to all.

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS--I heard that our postmaster, Lou Ann Hedges, who had been hospitalized suddenly last week, had been released from the hospital, only to have to go back in again, but I hope she is feeling better and back home by the time this comes out in print. We are all continuing to keep her in our thoughts and prayers as she recuperates from this health scare.

I also heard that John Didricksen was back in the hospital, so we hope he gets to feeling better real soon.

SEED EXCHANGE--With the help of the WSU Wahkiakum County Extension office, and director, Carrie Backman, the Skamokawa Grange is inviting everyone to take part in a Seed Exchange on Saturday, Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. at the Skamokawa Grange Hall, located at 18 Fairgrounds Road. Seed envelopes will be provided, there is no charge to participate and WSU Master Gardeners will be on-site to advise you. The seeds you bring can either be ones from your own garden or commercial seeds that are not over two years old. If you bring your own, it's helpful to have them labeled what variety it is and maybe some cultural tips as well. Come one, come all to the Skamokawa Grange's first free Seed Exchange!

CLASSMATES--I had a great time visiting with several classmates recently when Pam Lazor, Marnee Davis, Mary Toste and Elaine Rolf met for lunch at the Duck Inn one afternoon. It's great to see the different class members when it's just a few of us. I learned that Elaine, who is active in placing foreign exchange students with families, had been able to go to Portugal awhile back and recounted her time there. She said it was a beautiful country and could easily see herself living there. Elaine just recently celebrated 25 years of working in this field, so "congratulations" to her!

OUT OF THE PAST--Seventy years ago, in 1944, the week began wet and stormy. It was George Everest's 29th birthday as well, but he was away in the Navy at the time. He called a couple days later and with a perfect connection, relayed that all was fine with him but he was not going to be coming home anytime soon. A couple of days later it was really nice and it was R. Marshall Everest Jr.'s birthday. He was thinking of joining the Navy when he graduated from high school later on that year. Bob Bacon, Pat Gorman and Dave Moores left town to take their service exams. Many family members went to see the show in town. "Mission to Moscow" was playing and Grandma Elsie Everest thought it was pretty good. Not a good week for Donna Healy, as she fell in the slough on a visit over to the Pedersen's on Puget Island. There were lots of planes flying that week and ships coming up the river.

Ten years later in 1954, the week began nasty as well, only this time it was sleet and snow and not rain. A couple of days later there was a foot of snow everywhere and telephone lines were down out the Elochoman and Grays River was all out. One child was killed out at Germany Creek when a barn roof collapsed due to the weight of the snow. While it started to warm up later on that week, there was still plenty of snow around with telephone lines still out in many places. A jet plane crashed into several houses in Portland that week but amazingly, no one was killed. All this according to Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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