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Several events have been rescheduled


February 12, 2014

IT'S SNOW TIME!--This past week brought us a whole lot of extremely cold weather and "white" around our area as well. The snow amounts were not nearly as bad as places in Oregon, but there was enough that it certainly did mess up a lot of plans, so a lot of scheduled events had to be cancelled. From school closures to sports events, to pie socials, to Bingo and the Wahkiakum Fair Board's big Valentine Dinner and more, it was a weekend of cancellations and huge disappointments by those that work so hard to plan, clean and shop and get ready for some of these events. Whenever there is adverse weather in our region, more than likely the event you were planning on attending will be cancelled, as none of them are worth dying over. As this work week begins, we're back to rain so we hope that all the slippery, slushy muck is gone so that you don't have to worry about slipping and falling in it, as it was still extremely slick to walk or drive in.

NEW DATE FOR DINNER--The Wahkiakum Fair Board is rescheduling their Valentine Diamond Dinner that had to be cancelled due to the snow to Feb. 22. Now let's hope we aren't dealing with flooding instead of snow during that time! It will still take place at the Skamokawa Grange Hall as planned, at the same time, beginning at 6 p.m., with doors open at 5:30, so please help spread the word however you can. New posters will go up and we hope that everyone will come and support this important Wahkiakum Co. Fair fund raiser. Tickets will still be available at the Bank of the Pacific and the Rosburg Store.

One thing that I do want to make sure gets changed is the contact number for this event as it is incorrect on the Community Events Calendar. This year, fair board member Maureen Zacher is in charge of the Valentine Diamond Dinner, so you can contact her at (360) 849-4222 for the latest info. Remember, there's a beautiful diamond bracelet just waiting to be given away along with a basket of goodies as well as other door prizes, so come on down on Saturday, Feb. 22, buy some tickets and maybe you will be one of the lucky winners!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from February 13-19 are Vickie Reid, Chuck Parker, Wendy Havens, Brandon Souvenir, Jade Hauff, Milli Elven, Austin Havens, Sarah Hoven, Cindy Grasseth, Terry Everman, Dale Strueby, Christa Hoven, Melody Brown, Wanda Evenson, Angela Stensland, Angel Thompson, John Thompson, Pam Below Lazor, Derek Phipps, Hilary Brown, Brody Brown, Connie Shrum, Hailey Blain, Blake Hess and Kris Baldwin. Celebrating their anniversaries this week are David and Julie Black, the Stan Thackers, the Danny Poes, the Dale Struebys and the Jerry DeBriaes. Enjoy your special days everybody!

THIS FRIDAY--This is the time of year when hubbys can either find themselves deep in the doghouse or being crowned the King of Hearts, as it's Valentine's Day on Friday, so we hope you guys are thinking flowers, chocolates or jewelry, or maybe a night out for dinner or maybe a weekend getaway. Whatever you do, it will be appreciated I'm sure, so treat your lady right on Friday night or you may be awfully chilly out there with the dog or cat!

The Duck Inn has a special going on for a dinner for two, but they have had a ton of reservations already so if you've missed out on that, maybe you can come on down for the band that is playing later on that evening in the lounge.

SENIOR NIGHT--Monday night wound up being a make-up basketball night for the Mules against Toutle Lake as their Friday and Saturday games and even a Sunday make-up game had to be cancelled, so the weather certainly put a change in everyone's basketball and traveling plans. However, it was worth the wait, as Monday night's boys basketball game was high energy, high intensity and crowd pleasing as they came from a beginning deficit and took control of the game. This was a much needed and well deserved win and seeing all those Senior players out there, and knowing this was their last game at home, made it even more memorable.

As the team heads off into district, with a game against Ocosta tonight in Montesano, we hope they keep this same enthusiasm and hustle going; go Mules!

BUSY IN BALLARD--Granddaughter Tessa Sechler was pretty pleased that they didn't get the snow until after their big basketball game was over, as they made a strong come from behind win over their opponents which set them up real good for the regional touranment there in Seattle. Needless to say, we are rooting for her and her team as they start tackling some tough teams ahead.

GET WELL--It seems everyone has had a cold, or the flu lately, so we hope those with "bugs" get to feeling better real soon. Those who have had more serious ailments, which have required hospital visits, are wished a hearty get well soon and we hope to see them back in action before too long. It was great to see LouAnne Hedges out and about the other day and we hope to see her back to work at our Skamokawa Post Office soon. Lisa Mooers has been great to fill in her time slot but I know she'd like to get back to her normal job routine as well.

CONGRATS--Postal workers and patrons in Cathlamet said good-bye to Libby Vik recently after she retired from the Post Office there, and filling her shoes will be Skamokawa neighbor, Joan Evenson, so we want to say congratulations to her! Recently she's been off to a training school in preparation for this new position.

OASIS--You may not realize it, but the Oasis Tavern is now called the Oasis Mexican Bar and Grill and they serve up some of your favorite "across the border" foods so if you're looking for a spot to eat, why not give them a try? They are closed on Mondays but you can call them at 795-8672 to make sure they're open and inquire about their menu and hours of business.

GOLFERS--With this miserable weather happening right now, I can't really wrap my head around going out in it to play golf, but by golly, on March 1, they say there will be a Season Kick-Off Scramble at the Skyline Golf Course. I'm not the big golfer but I know those that are, so polish up your clubs and head up there and check that out. You can call 795-8785 to find out all about that function.

CRAB FEEDS--The big crab feeds in our area are three and four weeks away and so we hope you're planning on either going to the one at the Norse Hall that is put on by the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerece, with three seatings, and takes place on March 15. The one in Rosburg is a week earlier, March 8, and is put on by the Legion and only has one seating with live music afterwards for your dancing pleasure. They both require that you bring your own condiments, like garlic butter or some snack items, something to crack crab with and oyster shuckers or a screwdriver type tool to open those stubborn oysters, so be prepared with those few extras and you're evening will be perfect! Buy those tickets today as they both have limited seating. Contact the Chamber in Cathlamet at 795-9996 for more information or contact 360-465-2775 for the Westend crab feed at the Rosburg Community Hall.

GRANGE/MUSICAL--The Skamokawa Grangers did not hold their regularly scheduled meeting last Monday evening. Hopefully the weather won't be a factor on Feb. 24 when our next meeting is due to take place; potluck at 6:30 and meeting at 7. Hopefully by then we'll have had some responses from some more performers that would like to take part in a musical variety show in May. Give me a call at 795-3425 if you're interested!

OUT OF THE PAST--This week in 1944, began very stormy but then it turned nice for several days before turning back to rain and snow in the hills. There was enough of the white stuff to shut down Camp as logging came to a halt. Ralph and Elsie Everest had a card from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station as their youngest son, R. Marshall Everest Jr. was there and doing fine. Mrs. Stanley Walters had a baby girl named Linda Ann this week. Her Mom was known as Leonora Groesbeck while she lived in Cathlamet and had been working at the local Pacific Tel. Co. while she lived here. On one of the nice days, Grandma Elsie took a nice long walk with Ruby Hanigan. Later on she went to the shows "Under Two Flags" and "The Rains Came." She thought they were both good.

In 1954, it had been quite a nice couple of weeks. Ralph Pedersen traveled to the beach with his Aunt Marian and Uncle Leon, where they got a great bunch of clams to bring home. Ralph Everest went to the auto show in Portland with Kenner. Unfortunately for the Everests, a pipe burst in the ceiling of their apartment on Main Street and a large hole and mess flowed into their kitchen at 3 a.m. one morning. In order to get that problem fixed, they had to have the water shut off, so there were no bathroom facilities, but to top matters off, their stove "backfired" and blew soot and ash all over their living room. Needless to say, this was a week spent cleaning up one mess or another. All this according to Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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