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By Kay Chamberlain
Wah. Co. Eagle 

Hosanna Musicale Sunday at 2 p.m.


NICE START--As this work week begins, it is simply gorgeous outside. As I stood in the sunshine without a drop of wind around me on Monday afternoon, I was actually feeling pretty toasty out there, and beings I haven't felt that warm outside for ages, I'm pretty sure it was the warmest day of the year so far. It was a great day for getting that lawn mowed, I know that! The forecasters said we were due to have a little more rain between that sunny day and when you read this, but then it looks like we'll have a nice stretch of dry weather, so you might want to drag out some sun screen! With gardeners going into full "plant it now" mode, you might just need your wide-brimmed hat to protect those delicate ear lobes and even the top of your head if you plan on being out there too long.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from April 10-16 are Andrew Emlen, Kael McKinley, Bryan Ledtke, Brent Mahitka, Logan Britt, Dan Keilwitz, Janine Helms, Patrick Thacker, DeDee Crouse, Stephanie Olsen, Ray Prestegard, Shiloh Hoven, Reggie Bonny, Lori Smith, Margaret Strueby, Sylvia Blix Link, and Carolyn Pedersen. Celebrating their anniversary this week are Cliff and Judy Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Johnson. Enjoy your special days everybody!

LOTS OF EAGLES--I'm glad that newcomer Shannon Britt was able to take some spectacular pictures of the bald eagles in our area recently, as they've been thick in the trees along the creek lately. Many of the big birds have not yet gotten their full white heads, so you know they are the younger ones. It looked like the older ones were giving them some fishing lessons. They were fun to watch for sure. The one thing that was not fun to watch or to listen to, were the seals, which are an unpopular and unwelcome sight around here.

GREAT BAND--If you love a big band sound and enjoy hearing all the classics that we all know the words to, then you'd love the King Brothers Band! They will be playing at the Duck Inn this Saturday night, so come on down and dance the night away.

THIS WEEKEND--Don't forget, this is the weekend of the chicken dinner fundraiser for the Rosburg Community Hall, happening Sunday, April 13 from 11:30 to 2 p.m. This is always a great dinner and comes with all the trimmings; salad bar, dessert tray and beverage so they hope to see you there! Also, the Hosanna Musicale will be taking place at the Skamokawa United Methodist Church. This is their annual fund raising event for the St. James Family Center, so come to the church and hear all the great talent in our area. It begins at 2 p.m.

COLORING CONTEST--The Lions Club is having an Easter coloring contest this year, and there are three different age groups. Each group will have a first, second and third place winner with cash prizes ranging from $5-$15, so pick up one of their pages at the following: Cathlamet Pharmacy, Bank of the Pacific, Eagle office, Cathl P.O., The Duck Inn, Skamokawa P.O. and Skamokawa Store. Now kids, just color carefully and you may be one of the big winners. Good luck!

EGG HUNT--It won't be long and Easter will be here, and as usual, the Lions Club will be hosting the traditional Easter Egg Hunt at Skamokawa Vista Park on the Saturday prior to Easter, April 19. Parents, you need to be there before 11 a.m., as it starts promptly at that time and it's only a matter of minutes before the kids have gathered all the eggs. You can't be even a minute late or your kids will miss out on all the fun. There are prize eggs for the different age groups, so we wish all of you kids good luck in finding one and we hope the Easter Bunny gives you a big hug when he gives you that special basket. Bring your camera so you can get your very own picture taken with the Easter Bunny! Let's hope it's a nice day!

COLLECTING--Don't forget, the Lions club is always hunting for used glasses and hearing aids, so if you have any stuck away in a drawer, we hope you'll drop them off in the box by the Pharmacy in Cathlamet. What doesn't get used by the Lions Club can also be given to the granges in the area, as they also collect glasses.

GRANGE MEETING--The Skamokawa Grange #425 will hold their first meeting of the month on April 14 at their grange hall at 18 Fairgrounds Road. Everyone is welcome to attend. They will hold a potluck at 6:30 and their regular meeting will be at 7 p.m. Anyone having an item they'd like to enter into the Spring Contests could bring it that evening as well.

THEY'RE BACK--Some of the Chamberlain gang went to Utah last week, and they arrived home in one piece last Sunday after a week of off-roading and rock climbing and enjoying the breathtaking views of some of the scenery in that area. There were also members of the Doumit and Webb families from our area, so it was like taking part of the neighborhood with you on this grand adventure! While the trip there was a bit windy, snowy and slow going, the trip back was much less exciting, although the winds in the gorge were still a bit of a challenge when you've got trucks with campers on them and you're towing a trailer to boot. At any rate, a good time was had by all and while they would have liked to have had a little warmer weather druing the evening hours, the day time hours were great for taking the rigs out and taking on the challenges of the area.

OUT OF THE PAST--Back in 1944 this week, the week began decent enough but it soon turned wet and cold, with hail falling one day and snow in the hills; just plain miserable! Little eight month old David Pedersen was really getting around these days, as he was getting around in his play pen and could scoot his stroller anywhere he wanted. He was baptized at the first part of this week, just before his Dad, Krist Pedersen headed for Alaska. He'd sent his boat ahead via a truck leaving Seattle earlier that week. The Everests received an official letter from their youngest son's Naval commander that he'd been assigned to the training school in Del Monte, CA and they thoroughly enjoyed the picture of him in his uniform. Arne Wainamo, another Navy boy, formerly of Puget Island, stopped by the telephone office in Cathlamet to tell the Everests that his trip home from the South Seas was on the ship where their older son, George Everest, happened to be. George Everest notified his parents that he was going to have some surgery in Shoemaker, CA and met up with Erick Vog from Puget Island there. Movies in the Cathlamet area that week included "No Body's Darling," "Ladies Night" and "Sweet Rose O'Grady" and Elsie Everest enjoyed them all with daughter, Marian Healy. Lots of planes were flying overhead as they searched for a lost fishing boat.

This week in 1949, David J. West, son of Mr. and Mrs. James G. West, was married to Betty Page on a beautiful Tuesday in Seattle. The best man was Albert West, brother of the groom and the maid of honor was Mrs. Dorothy Miller, with the wedding reception held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miller. David West was a pilot and his wife, Betty a teacher in Seattle. The Wright building had to undergo some work after an earthquake struck earlier that week, April 13, as the cement blocks at the front of the store began cracking as the wooden building shifted. The front door was closed off so that repairs could be made but according to A. B. Wright, the side entrance was still able to be used as there was no danger to anyone using the building. Ralph Pedersen was slightly injured as he left the school building when part of the brick chimney fell. Most of the damages in the area seemed to be from falling chimneys. The event kept everyone at the local telephone office very busy all day, which included Mary Lang along with Marian Healy. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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