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Evening of opera was well attended


April 23, 2014

MIXED BAG--Last Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day which brought out the lawn mowers, the tank tops and flip flops and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. However, Saturday was a totally different story, as someone "flipped the switch" and we went from warm and beautiful to cold, windy and horrific downpours from time to time; definitely a huge switch from the day before! By the beginning of this week, we've had some showers but not too bad and it was a bit sunnier than we thought it would be for Easter Sunday and Monday as well, so while this has been a mixed bag of weather, we'll take the sun whenever we can get it!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from May 24-30, are Alyssa Braman, Kent Martin, Tom Blalock, Mike Snow, Nathan Kincaid, Kelly McClain, Debbie McClain, Shannon McClain, Susan (McClain) Kuhn, Sarah Doumit, Carrie Backman, Connie Luthi, Stan Woody Jr., Marsha Woody, Anita Hoven, Wolfgang Hoven, Darin Olsen, Wally Wright, Mary Vik, Shawn Woods, Dennis Havens, Emma Mae Keithly, Austin Meyer, Chuck Webb, Robert Meyer, Max Scudder and Aaron Bernard. Also, my apologies to Bob Stewart for forgetting his birthday quite some time ago and just finally remembering to mention it. We'll try to do better next year Bob!

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Kent and Irene Martin, Erval and Carol Cooper and Robert and Melody Blain. May all of your celebrations be extra special this coming week.

REMEMBERING THEA--Bob Pyle gave me a call and said he enjoyed a full house last weekend with all the kids and grandkids in attendance who thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful Easter egg hunt and time together. He said that Andrew Emlen's song about Skamokawa, where one of the lines in it said to, "call Kay and put it in the Eagle," reminded him to and remind everyone of the gathering he was holding this weekend in memory of his beloved Thea, who he lost earlier after a long battle with cancer. So, this invitation is to everyone who knew her as this Saturday there will be a Celebration of Life gathering for Thea Linnaea Pyle, who was just a lovely person with a sweet spirit and who was an inspiration to all. She was a wonderfully talented person as well and all those that knew her certainly mourn her loss. However, her husband, Bob, wants her memory to be celebrated this Saturday, April 26 at their home at 369 Loop Road, with a no-service gathering from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parking is limited at the house so you're asked to park by the Covered Bridge at Ahlberg Park where a shuttle will be running all day.

PARK--Also this weekend, the grand opening of the County Line Park will take place Saturday from 1-3 p.m., and I think everyone will enjoy the upgraded bathroom area and the cleaned up grounds since Wahkiakum County and Port 2 Manager, Janet Bryan have taken on this project. After being closed for awhile during the make-over, I'm sure this popular spot will be full to the brim in no time. Congratulations to all those who put in tons of hours to get this area ready, which includes the new park hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Tromley, so stop by and say hello and check out the new and improved County Line Park!

OPERA--In spite of the wind and the rain, there were at least 100 people in the Great Room at the Skamokawa Landing last Saturday to hear soloist Kyleen Austin, pianist Kathleen Petersen and Andrew Emlen on his cello, as they peformed "An Evening of Operatic Songs." The audience was most receptive of the musical venue and at the end of the performance, gave a standing ovation as Kyleen saved the best till last (in my opinion) and gave us all goosebumps with her rendition of Puccini's "Visi D'Arte" ( I Live For My Art). It was truly outstanding and with that applause, Kyleen gave us one more song, which was another of my favorites, so once again the crowd ended the evening with a thunder of applause and a standing ovation. It was really a wonderful evening. Sponsors Francois and Sandi Reider are looking for more supporters and sponsors for these classical musical performances, as well as making up a mailing list for future events, so if you're interested, please give them a call at 795-3294 or email them at:

CORRECTION--I'm pretty sure that most folks who saw the big ads for the upcoming Wahkiakum County Fair will have noticed by now that the dates listed couldn't possibly be the correct ones, as having the fair from Friday to Sunday just isn't typical of our fair, and well, you'd be right! While the fair is early this year, the days of the fair remain the same with the opening of the fair on a Thursday, (August 14) and ending on a Saturday, (August 16) as usual. While we're talking about the fair, be sure to be thinking of entering something as it's your exhibits that make the fair. Whether you want to perfect that recipe and enter some baked goods, or you're into art, sewing, photography or any other kind of projects, it's time to get busy so they'll be ready to enter in a few months. The way time is flying, the fair will be here before you know it! Also parents, this is a great time for the kids to enter a few things and make a little spending money, so get out the paints, the color crayons, the camera or make some other craft item and see if you can win a blue ribbon and have a few extra bucks in your pocket as well.

NEW PLUMBER--It seems like that whenever you need a plumber, you just can't find one or if you do, they are so busy that they can't get to you in a week. With that being said, we are happy to announce that neighbor, Rob Brown, has now opened "Brown's Plumbing ~ Service and Repair" and is ready to help you with your plumbing and household needs! From hot water tanks to toilets to sewer lines and more, if you're in need of a repair, give him a call at 360-807-3867.

ATHLETES--Our Mules, both boys and girls, are having some strong showings in their various sports lately so we want to give them a hearty congratulations for their accomplishments. If you're the parent of a senior this year, you know that each of these events brings them that much closer to being the last time you'll ever see them compete in high school, so it's always a little bitter-sweet to watch them as they take part in these last games.

SIGN UP FOR CAMP--Every year, kids between the ages of 8-15 are given the chance to attend one of the many camps offered by the Washington State Grange. Grangers here in Skamokawa are looking for someone in the area that would like to attend. The campground near here is Camp Moorehead near Long Beach and takes place July 13-19, with a fee of $160 due by June 20. You can check out the camp and get all the registration forms at if you have a computer, but if you don't and are interested in the camp, give me a call (795-3425) and I'll get the forms to you. The days are filled with crafts, games, sports and other activities and everyone that goes says they have a really good time. One young lady we co-sponsored even wanted to return as an instructor or aid, so we knew she really had a great time there. The camp director is Tom Gwin and you can also call him for more detailed information: 360-987-2361.

VENDOR'S MARKET--Speaking of the grange, the Skamokawa Grange #425 invites you to take part in their inside Vendor's Market on June 28 at our grange hall. I recently sent out a mulitude of letters and contracts for vendors that have taken part in the past, but if you didn't get one and would like one, please give me a call and I'll get one out to you ASAP. We have several who have committed to joining us already so we hope this inside venue will entice a few more as we won't have to drag out tents or be concerned about the weather. We hope to see you there! Tables are only $10 so the price is right!

KAYAKING/TRAINING BEGINS--New this year at Columbia River Kayaking are the combination yoga and kayaking retreats that are offered May 2-4 and August 8-10, but with the first date coming up soon, you'll need to call and enroll right away. Lauren Beard will be your instructor for the weekend, where you'll be able to meditate and take part in the yoga classes and then head to the water for some kayaking. This will all take place at the Inn at Skamokawa Landing. There will also be a Wilderness First Respsonder course May 10-16, which was a huge hit last year and takes place once again at the Skamokawa Grange Hall. There will be a class held by Ginni Callahan called Textured Water Training July 11-13, as well as Foundations and Safety & Rescue Training in mid-August. Check out their website for all the details but to talk to someone for more information call 360-747-1044.

TRAVELERS--The Pete Sechler family has been on the go recently, as they first headed up to Leavenworth for a few days so the younger kids on Spring Break could have a nice break away from the big city. That area is gorgeous anyway, but with the snow-capped mountains surrounding them glistening in the sunshine, it was even more spectacular so they truly enjoyed their stay there. Then it was time to head down to Santa Barbara along with Katie's Mom, Sally, where they visited family members. A drive up the coast to San Simeon led them to the Hearst Castle, which Pete hadn't seen since he was very little. As we all know, kids can say the darndest things and at the darndest times and that proved to be true back then, as when the tour guide was telling us how old and intricate a carved doorway was, little Peter said, "Oh, that's why it's so dusty!" Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed, and the tour guide looked a little miffed, but the entire group of tourists with us burst out laughing, so we have always remembered our first trip to the great castle with great fondness and a hearty chuckle!

OUT OF THE PAST--Back in 1944, the last week of April started out real nice and lasted for five days before turning misty and then ending quite wet. Grandma Elsie Everest got a letter from her son, George who was in the Navy and said he'd be having some surgery in a Naval hospital soon so he'd be laid up awhile. On one of those nice days, she walked across the Puget Island bridge with Peggy Martin. Later on, it was more walking with husband, Ralph. At the end of the week, Grandma thought it was time to take a trip to Astoria and see Dr. Eaton to have her eyes tested. She stopped in Skamokawa for lunch and then continued back home to Cathlamet on the boat. Carol Pedersen and sons headed to Astoria as well, where Carol bought a navy blue hat. Grandma headed to the fire hall one evening where she learned to sound the siren, while Grandpa was up at the farm, where he brought the horses in. The "boys" enjoyed riding.

In 1949, the weather once again began nice but ended wet. On one of these days, Grandma Elsie made the walk out to Alva Mast's house. Leon Healy underwent surgery that week, and his wife Marian stayed at the home of her brother, George and wife Ruby, while he was there. Towards the end of the week, the Spring Musicale was held up at the high school gym and Grandma Elsie attended it as grandsons, Gene Healy and Ralph Pedersen were in it. The band consisted of 19 clarinet players, 14 on cornets, 12 on the saxophone (Gene H. was one), seven playing the trombone (Ralph P. was one of them), two on the flute, two on the French Horn, with four on the percussion and one on bass and two baritones. There were 27 in the choir and ensemble that night along with a dozen members of the Girls' Glee Club.

In 1954, it was mostly clear and cool with only one day of rain that week. The Everests had gotten to the west coast from Minnesota that week and before leaving Seattle, celebrated the 50th birthday of Grandma Everest's sister, Jean and also to a movie called, "The Glen Miller Story." After taking a bus to Longview, they were picked up by daughter Marian, who along with Ruby Everest, brought them back to Cathlamet where they enjoyed dinner at Millie's. Grandma said it was good to be home. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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