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Redmen Hall to reopen this weekend


T'WAS GREAT--I hope you enjoyed the first weekend of Summer, as most people gave it an A-plus. It was sunny and beautiful and was everything most folks hope for in the way of Summer weather! However, while we had three very nice days to kick off our new season, it has turned very wet as I finish off this column, and it looks to be wet most of the week. I guess we can look at it as time where we get to take a break from all that yard work without feeling guilty, as it's just too wet to do it right now!

THIS WEEKEND--This is the big weekend of sales, as the Puget Island folks have put on another PIGYS ( Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale) so there will be lots of places to stop and check out. If you happen to stop by the Norse Hall, be sure to get one of their tri-tip sandwiches made by the members of the Sons of Norway; they are delicious! They also have other goodies for sale.

When you get done touring the Island, be sure to head down to Skamokawa and check out the Skamokawa Grange (10 to 3), the Skamokawa Methodist Church and the Redmen Hall for some great deals as well. Each of these places has their own unique items and we're nice and dry inside so be sure to stop by and check them all out. You grown ups can even get free coffee at the grange, which you may need after a long day of shopping, and don't forget, the kids can get a coupon for a free fountain drink over at the Skamokawa General Store, and they could win a free kid's gift bag as well! Anyone who signs up for the big $300 holiday gift bag this Saturday, will also get a chance to win a "red, white and blue" gift bag, so we hope you'll take advantage of that opportunity as well!

REDMEN HALL--Besides being open for business this weekend after some needed repairs, Redmen Hall is also celebrating a big birthday as it turns 120 years old this year! Back in 1894 it was opened as a school and has had a lot of changes since then, so in keeping with that theme, there will be an exhibit by Irene Martin and Keith Hoofnagle, "The Legacy of the Columbia River Fisheries," as well as other things. Kent Martin and Gary Emery will be giving some demonstrations on net mending and both families have had members who went to the old school, the Improved Order of Redmen, which held meetings there later on and now they are also members of the Friends of Skamokawa, with their "home" back in Redmen Hall, so they have quite a history with the building. There will be music and refreshments this weekend so stop on by and check the hall out with its wonderful views and great gift shop!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 26-July 2 are Cliff Garrison, Don Speranza, Austin Luthi, Judy Marsyla, Stan Woody, Mary Nettles, Kris Bergseng, James Eaton, Skip Nortrup, Andrew Nortrup, Kelly Melton, Sandra Gibson, Clara Olson, Tim Doumit, Justin Norris, Tim Pedersen and classmates Dale Jacobson and Judy Lindwall Bergman.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Randy and Susan Kuhn, David and Libby Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Maury Mooers, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Doumit, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hendrickson, Mr. and Mr. Fred Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brons, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wesner, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Seaberg, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Palmer and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sechler. Here's to all of you on your birthdays and anniversaries; enjoy!

MUSEUM--Have you been down to the Wahkiakum County Historical Society's Museum in Cathlamet since they opened up this season? I do hope you'll take the time to go and check out the new building hosting all the tools and buggies, which I'm sure the guys will enjoy. While I was hosting a shift down there last Saturday, a guy came in and found a "thing" just like one he'd found, and was overjoyed to find out what it was and what it was used for, so he was quite happy with this new addition. For those who seem to be bored, volunteering for a three hour shift would give you a way to meet a few new people, check out the museum and while you're there, do a little dusting to keep you busy, so it's a win, win for everybody. If you've got some time to spare, or have something you'd like to donate, contact Kari Kandoll at 849-4353. This is truly a county gem and they would certainly appreciate the help, whether it be in cash donations or work around the grounds or as a volunteer.

COMING UP--It won't be long and the Fourth of July festivities will be coming, as it's just next week and with the holiday falling on a Friday this year, I imagine there will be a lot of people out and about taking advantage of the three day holiday. As usual, please be careful on the roadways and if you're dealing with fireworks, be very careful to keep you and your family safe, which includes keeping your pets locked up so they won't freak out and run away, or get injured.

BALD EAGLE DAYS--The big fireworks display that will be shown locally will be on Bald Eagle Day, July 19, so we hope to see you all in the downtown Cathlamet area during the day, so you can see the parade or take part in it, be a vendor or buy something from one and just have a wonderful day! Of course, the whole town will be waiting for it to turn dusk so the fireworks can be set off down by the marina. They are always great! We hope you'll enjoy the day and if it's warm, leave the dogs at home as they can't be left in your car, and if it's real warm and you've got them with you, they can overheat sitting in the sun or they can burn their foot pads on the hot sidewalks and roadways, so do your pooch a favor and leave him home where he'll be most comfortable.

REUNIONS--With Bald Eagle Day coming along soon, it will also be joined by those who enjoy holding their family and class reunions during that time. One class that is holding their reunion is the Class of 1984. My daughter Lisa was in that class, and it's very hard for me to think that it's been 30 years since she graduated. It looks like they plan on camping out at Vista Park and enjoying dinner at the Duck Inn on Friday night, July 18, with music provided by John Brockmueller's band, "Sucker Punched." After enjoying the Saturday BED festivities in Cathlamet, they'll be hanging out at Vista Park for a potluck BBQ until time to go back and see the fireworks at the marina. Sunday morning they'll be back at the pagoda in Vista Park doing a potluck breakfast, so they should have a good time.

VISITING--I heard that Kelly Nettles Recupero will be in town for a bit, so I'm sure all of her family and friends will be anxious to see her as her home in Australia is just a bit far away to go and visit too often!

BIG DAY--Grandson Luke Sechler took his first step close to entering Ballard High School next year, as he accepted his diploma from Whitman Middle School in Seattle last week. It was a gorgeous day for the outside ceremony, which brought many of the Sechler/Nollan family members together for the occasion. It's hard to believe that there's no more "little kids" amongst my grandchildren. The years have truly flown by! "Congratulations" to Luke for "moving on up!"

KAYAKING--Pillar Rock and Price Island will be the destination sites for the Saturday and Sunday tours for those who love to kayak but you'll need to call ASAP to sign up for these tours as they're going to be happening this weekend. Call Columbia River Kayaking at 1-360-747-1044 and see if you can still get a spot on this trip. Be sure to check out all their tours on their website; just type in their name and a site will show up.

POST OFFICE--I hope you are helping me spread the word about our Skamokawa post office and the chance that it could close if we don't all stick together and fill out the upcoming survey and show up at a meeting that will be held next month. When you get your survey, please ignore the "options" that they give you and write in that you want to keep the hours the same as they are. Then I hope you'll call me and let me know when you've mailed it in so I can keep track of what's really going on with the responses. We have a lot of businesses in our little area and we really need to keep our post office open for their use, as well as our own. With internet services often being quite sketchy around here, the mail is the only way I trust to get my bills paid around here, so online bill paying is just not an option (or desire) for many of us. The meeting to voice your opinon about the post office is going to be held next month, July 29 at 6 p.m. Please mark this date on your calendar today and please show up. If you'd like to help me spread the word by making some phone calls, give me a call!

GRANGE--The members of the Skamokawa Grange #425 met last Monday evening, and their next meeting will be July 14. Like the Redmen Hall, the Skamokawa Grange is on the state register as a historic building. This grange has been enjoyed by many folks who have attended a wedding or reception here, a class reunion, a musical event or a dance, or maybe just a meeting of some sort. It's been a place to gather to remember a loved on that has left us as well, so within its walls are many happy memories. Now, just like the hall, it's also in need of some repairs and those of us who have put our heads together to raise money to keep up with all this maintenance are definitely struggling a bit, so we could use your help. If you'd like to see the hall continue to be open for the communities' use, we could sure use your donation to help preserve a bit of history that includes a lot of good times at the hall. You can send a donation to Skamokawa Grange #425, P. O. Box 123, Skamokawa, WA 98647. We'd like to continue making memories in this building so we'd appreciate any help you can give us!

OUT OF THE PAST--This same week back in 1964, the week began a bit overcast, but got warmer and nicer, but ended up wet and nasty. The local fishermen held a contest and Peder and Betty Pedersen's daughter, Sherry, won the crown and was named their queen. Elsie and Ralph Everest headed to Portland with Odeine Feiring, Maren Tholo and Dona Murphy and attended the Beth Israel Synagogue there. Grandma Elsie said they learned a lot about this faith that was so different from their own. They all stopped at the Holland House restaurant on the way home and had a nice dinner and conversation. The R. Bunns came by and took the Everests out to Youth Camp as the Dairy Club held a picnic out there that Sunday. Ralph Everest enjoyed visiting with his old friends from Sauk Rapids, the Millers. Joining Mrs. Ralph (Peggy) Pedersen at her home this week in time for her son, Timmy's birthday, were her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Drew from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This was the first time the couple had met their great grandsons, Tim and Mark. A get together for Timmy included Frank, Carolyn and Lori Ann Pederen, Mrs. Krist Pedersen and Mrs. Rlaph Everest as well. Frank Shane and daughter, Pat Ballard and her children came down to visit the Everests and dined over at Carol and Krist Pedersen's on Puget Island and spent the night there as well. Also there, were Grace (Pedersen) Moore and her sons, Mike and Greg from Seattle so the Krist Pedersen house was pretty full there for awhile. Grace and her family spent the night at the home of Mrs. Jonas Pedersen that night though. The following day, the whole crew met up at the Krist Pedersens again and with 18 mouths to feed, it was quite the gathering that had family members gabbing until the wee hours! All this according to Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.


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