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Former sheriff banned from office


August 14, 2014

To The Eagle:

On August 6, 2014, I received a phone call from Sheriff Mark Howie. He told me he didn’t want me in the Sheriff’s office any more. I had stopped at the window (the day before) after dropping off my ballot at the Auditor’s office and had a brief conversation with the corrections officers. He told me he was told I was in the office and he didn’t want me there anymore. It was a very unpleasant conversation. Sheriff Howie has decided I am special and he has to call me at home to harass and threaten me, at least I perceived it as such.

At this tme I think if I dialed 911 I would get fire and aid but I don’t think I would be able to count on Sheriff Howie for assistance. Sheriff Howie has personally decided to single me out because I supported his opponent on the last election and holds a grudge against me because of that. I should be able to vote and support who I choose without harassment or threats from some elected official.

I don’t believe I have the power to influence the way other people think or vote. I would have been very happy if Sheriff Howie had left me out of his personal vendetta. Sheriff Howie has personally shown me his true colors and what kind of person he is.

Dan P. Bardsley, Cathlamet

Editor's note: Because this letter comes at the start of a political campaign, The Eagle contacted Mark Howie, and this is his response:

"In the past Dan Bardsley served Wahkiakum County well as sheriff. He understands the challenges of running a department that is responsible for the safety of our citizens. The conversation I had with Dan was intended to illuminate him as to the pressures and stresses that the Sheriff's Office staff is under concerning the impending election. Wahkiakum County is fortunate to have a dedicated, professional law enforcement team. Any disruption of their duties jeopardizes the safety of our citizens.

"I can emphatically state, without any reservation, that any 911 call to the Wahkiakum County Sheriff's Office will be answered in the most professional manner and in the most timely fashion possible. I encourage former Sheriff Bardsley to visit with me with any concerns he may have regarding the Sheriff's Office."


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