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Lots to do on holiday weekend

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August 28, 2014

STILL WARM--Summer is still upon us as this new week begins and forecasters say it will continue all week, so folks heading out for the big Labor Day weekend should have some nice days to enjoy before the kids head back to school. Of course, there is always that chance that the forecast falls apart at the last minute or the area that you are planning on visiting winds up with a shower or two, but for now, it's supposed to be pretty decent everywhere.

Beings we are still dry, the burn ban in our county is still in effect, so if you see someone burning things, go and tell them to put it out right away. If you aren't the type to stop by with a friendly "by the way, there's a burn ban" reminder, then contact officials as we don't need any more excitement in our area in regard to fires.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating their special days from Aug. 28-Sept. 3 are Nanea Carroll, Quin Bassi Jr., Charlott Droullard, Kathy McNally, Carol Thacker, Terry Heagy, Meredith Cothren, Judy Danielsen, Debbie Melton, Don Ostling, Joe Turgeon, Jamie Quigley, Linda Cook, Elinor Ellison Bridenhagen, Donna Peterson Bernard and hubby, Bill Chamberlain.

Those celebrating anniversaries are John and Melissa Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robinson, Pete and Patti LaBerge, Mr.and Mrs. Steve Doumit, Todd and Kristen Souvenir, Bruce and Nicci Linquist, Mike and Carrie Backman and Lee and Diane Tischer. May all of you have wonderful stories to share after celebrating your special days!

VERY SPECIAL CELEBRATION--It was a special time for Sharon Buennagel's Mother, Dolly Hartley, earlier this week, as she just celebrated her 85th birthday! The day was made even more special because her family surprised her with a wonderful birthday celebration in Longview, and so she was defintely surprised and overjoyed to see everyone there after they burst forth from behind closed doors! Dolly had both her daughters there, Sharon and Sherry and her son, Lou called her on the phone from Montana, so with her kids, grandkids and great grandkids around her, she had a wonderful surprise birthday complete with Sharon's pizza and other goodies, and topped off with ice cream and cake. A nice day for a nice lady!

CHILI ON SATURDAY--The annual Buzzards Breath Chili Cook-Off will take place this Saturday, and it looks to be a nice day, so the Elochoman Marina in Cathlamet should be bustling with people, who are either preparing chili or eating chili, and washing it down with a beverage from the beer garden. You may also be listening to the music and/or taking part in some of the games or raffles going on at that time. According to the latest flyers, the action starts at noon and ends at 5 p.m. with the public tasting at 3 p.m. The chamber of commerce hopes to see you there for the 11th annual event!

ENTERTAINERS--Speaking of the Chili Cook-off, one group of musicians, called "Vibes" will be there to entertain you Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. The group consists of Pat Conrad, Cliff Garrison, Pete Davis and Jerry and Becky Ledtke. This band of entertainers are all from Skamokawa and have gained quite a following lately so we wish them much success and we hope you'll go and listen to them and decide for yourself if they are playing your kind of music!

WOODEN BOAT SHOW--Also going on at the same time and the same place as the chili cook-off, is the Wooden Boat Show. It's always nice to have more than one thing going on at the same place so there's more to see, more booths and activities going on and more fun all the way around, so check out the marina this weekend, as you're sure to find something you like!

BIG WEEKEND--With Labor Day weekend coming up, it's always busy with lots of cars and lots of people wherever you go, so here's to a little more patience when dealing with crowded conditions and more traffic, as nothing accelerates a bad situation than to "lose it" and take chances when you shouldn't. Let's keep this weekend a safe and happy one, and don't forget to turn on those headlights. Here's to some defensive driving and lots of patience this holiday! Don't forget that your local government agencies, like the post offices, and other stores, like the pharmacy, banks and some small businesses will be closed next Monday.

SCHOOL STARTS--Labor Day weekend also means that school will be starting soon, and it will be time to watch for lots of children going to and from school and obeying the rules concerning school buses and speeds in school zones. We hope the kids get off to a great school year.

WINE/AUCTION--In just a couple of weeks it's going to be a fun time in Skamokawa, as "A Cornucopia of Wines" will take place at the Skamokawa Grange Hall on Sept. 13 from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Tickets are on sale now and if you buy them ahead of time, you will save yourself a few bucks as they are two for $25 or $15 for a single at the Bank of the Pacific, the Skamokawa Store, the Elochoman Marina or at Redmen Hall, but they'll go up $5 if you wait and buy them at the door. If you're at Vista Park or the Marina, you can take a trolley ride there for just $5. Purchase those round trip tickets at the same places that you buy your entry tickets.

The Friends of Skamokawa put on this fun-filled event each year to help benefit the historic Redmen Hall. With its unique gift shop on the first floor and its wonderful River Life Interpretive Center on the second floor, it's a destination place for all the tourists and of course, the views are terrific from there, but even better if you can make it all the to the bell tower! If you haven't been there in awhile, it's hoped that you will stop by. In the meantime, we hope you've gotten your tickets and possibly made a donation of an item for their silent and live auction event. You'll be sure to enjoy the tasty cheeses and other food items that will be there to compliment your favorite wine.

67'ERS--If you graduated in 1967, you might want to stop by and see some of your classmates at Skamokawa Vista Park as there will be several of them camping in mid-September and you're welcome to join them for a potluck dinner on Saturday, Sept. 13. Bring your favorite dish and pictures of your family and favorite old stories from the past and join the gang for an informal get together.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1944, the week began hot and then got very hot, which made everybody miserable, but luckily a couple of days later it cooled down, misted a little and then finally got back to perfect temperatures. Carol (Everest) Pedersen went with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Jonas Pedersen, to Longview as her son, Wally Pedersen, was taken to the hospital that week and was operated on for an appendicitis attack. It was canning time and after doing the office books, it was time for Grandma Elsie to can peaches and to make up a batch of apple sauce to can. Jeanne Huntington, who attended school in Cathlamet, became the bride of Robert Zimmerman who was currently serving in the Navy. The couple was in California while the new groom was on shore leave. With the big holiday weekend coming, it was very busy on the telephone switch board and it was busy in town as well. That Sunday, it was time to go to the show after church."This is the Army" was playing and the Everests gave it a good rating.

In 1949, it was nice all week long. Krist and Carol Pedersen headed to Seattle where Krist would head back to Alaska and Carol would pick up her cousin Susan and head back to Puget Island. This week the Riverview Rebekah Lodge No. 293 met to complete plans for their upcoming district meeting to be held in Cathlamet in Sept. Mrs. Leland Wright, who was the Noble Grand of the lodge, announced that they would be initiating three more into the lodge at the meeting, and they were Mrs. Ralph Bunn, Mrs. Forrest Bernath and Mrs. Jack Martin. Weekend guests at the Everests' were George and Ruby Everest and daughter Patty, as well as the Everests' niece, Susan. A special clipping about the planned city of Longview came out that week and how in just over 20 years, the town had taken shape and boasted of two of the worlds largest sawmills: The Longbell Lumber Company and the Weyerhaeuser Mills. Of special interest to Grandma Elsie was the fact that its Longview telephone office served over 9000 customers in Kelso and over 11,000 in Longview and was made the district headquarters for SW Washington, with 220 telephone employees. Its new telephone customers talked of their wonderful city with its deep water ports, its wide, well planned streets and the wonderful recreational aspects of this new town, with hunting and fishing near by. It was deemed "Some place!"

In 1964, the second and third day of the fair were wet and it was mighty cold on Thursday night. Grandma went to the fair with Louise Lawrence and enjoyed good dinners at the Puget Island food booth: Beef stew, ham & scalloped potatoes and chicken and noodles were enjoyed over the three day fair and Grandma said she especially like the pies they made! In spite of rain, she sold a lot of chances for the dishes and by the last day, sold them all, which the Elochoman grange was going to use to purchase a new pump. As usual, there were lots of people at the fair that she rarely got to see and she enjoyed visiting with old friends and seeing all the wonderful exhibits. That week, it was announced that there would be nearly 600 children enrolled in the area's schools. A huge surprise came for Grandma that week when grandson and Navy boy, David Pedersen strolled in to see the Everests one morning.He had dropped off his siblings, Kay and Marshall at school and then stopped by to surprise his grandparents, which he certainly did! His timing was just right as his Uncle George Everest and Aunt Ruby were still there to visit with him as well. Grandma said the whole week was "just swell." All this according to Grandma Elsie's diaries.


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