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The value of the local free press


February 9, 2017

To The Eagle:

What a heartening and reassuring collection of opinions on page 2 of the February 2 Eagle! Beginning with the thoughtful and reasoned editorial by Rick Nelson, I was reminded again of how fortunate we are to have him in charge of our local newspaper. Rick has consistently offered thought-provoking opinions and “real news” to the residents of Wahkiakum County and beyond. Thanks Rick!

I also appreciated the articles shared by Ms. Bucklin regarding the dangers of the methanol project in Kalama, the importance of the media article by Mr. Wainwright, the warnings about Naziism and the present political regime by Mr. Roberts, and even the box top support for “public” education by Ms. Gaines. They were all well-written, and important to maintaining a well-informed, open-minded community. This one page in this one issue was worth the cost of my one-year subscription!

Pastor Dan Schnabel



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