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Writer praises Trump


February 23, 2017

To The Eagle:

Wow! Fake news, alternative news and propaganda news. What else is next? It’s becoming apparent the liberal media detest President Trump and are out to destroy him. Media today it seems is not the same as it was a few years ago. It’s gotten worse and I believe it’s becoming the number one cause for dividing our nation today. They’re abusing the freedom of the press for what it truly stands for.

Let’s talk about immigrants. We know our country is made up of immigrants and they’ve come with the desire to live here as legal citizens of the U.S. What about those that have no desire to be a U.S. citizen; no desire to give up their flag for our flag or to recite “I pledge allegiance to the flag”? Is it not right they should be deported? What irks me is remarks on how cruel we are to separate children from their parents as the parents are being deported. I don’t believe we did that. I believe this to be hogwash news trying to play on the compassion of American people. Would you as a parent take your children to move to another country illegally knowing what the consequences would be? I hope not but they did. They knew exactly what they did. So shame on them not us. If they want to live here, they can come back and do it legally.

Let’s talk about Muslims. We know and the Muslims know as well that not all Muslims are ISIS but all ISIS are Muslims. Because of ISIS, it created a bad name for the good Muslims. As much as it pains us, we, including the Muslims that live here legally, have to ask ourselves, what do we need to do to keep our country safe and secure from ISIS and terrorists? Think of the Boston Marathon, 9/11, Paris, Brussels and many other cities worldwide that have been attacked by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Have you heard of Sharia Law? If not, educate yourself about Sharia Law. If we allow Sharia Law into our country you can bet their goal eventually is to overthrow our U.S. Constitution that our country is based on. If you think that couldn’t happen here, guess what? President Trump happened and many said there is no way he would become president. Unfortunately, Sharia Law has already begun in Hamtramck, Michigan. I’m sure some of the townsfolks there are now regretting it. No disrespect but if the Muslims want to live their Sharia Law, go back to your country and live it. Did you know Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? To the Islamic Saudi Arabian government? Don’t forget VP Tim Kaine’s close ties to the Muslim American Society, a part of the US Muslim Brotherhood? Some of these organizations are known to harbor terrorists. Can you imagine had she won, knowing her connections with these organizations, the nightmare she could’ve turned our country into? The Clinton Foundation is no charity program as it claims and don’t forget her ties with Ed Mezvinsky or Benghazi. So why hasn’t the liberal media repeatedly lambasted her like they’re doing to President Trump? I feel the more liberal media keep up with this one-sided news can only mean one thing; they’re secretly up to something they don’t want us to know. With the new technology that keeps expanding, I hope we keep our mind open and be alert as to how the news is presented to us, especially when it involves politics and government in regard to the safety and security of our country.

I’m glad what President Trump is doing. As much as I would love to clean his mouth out with soap, I believe President Trump truly cares for the American people and our country. I give kudos to reporters that give legitimate news without bias but shame to those who don’t.

Toni Below



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