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Chasing facts over internet is challenging


To The Eagle:

I am well familiar with and Breitbart and, yes, I do see a pattern. I’m glad you (previous letter writer) see it too, though we see it in a different way. I typed in Hamtramck, MI, and you’re right; right away I see website for it and you’re wondering how could “lazy people who are not fact-checking” miss it?

In the first place, I’d never heard of the city. I was researching Sharia Law in many websites, and as you go into each website, you find words that are highlighted you can click on that would give you further information on that highlighted item. That is how I came up with and read about Hamtramck. It never dawned on me that we had to fact-check all of the highlighted items with

What’s maddening now is I can’t find that particular website with the highlighted Hamtramck to prove it to you, but thank you for bringing it to my attention and correcting me.

As for the others, no, I did not get it from Breitbart. We can agree and disagree, but I do not appreciate your last comment about “lazy people who are not fact checking.”

I’m done with politics, but would like to add one more thing. I wish there was a way that we can cut off paying the salaries of the legislators from our paychecks. All they do is bicker and whine instead of working together for the betterment of legal American immigrants. You ever watch C-Span? Try watching them “work” from 9-5 if you can and ask yourselves are they worth living off of our paychecks a 6-figure salary plus giving them benefits and allowances. I lasted 30 minutes watching that show. Then they have the gall to help themselves to a $5G to $100G raise. Each time they get a raise, those of us who live on SS only get an eeny beeny meeny teeny weeny $4 raise. Whoopee.

That’s it. Now I’m done. No more.

Toni Below



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