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April 12, 2024


GENERAL NOTICE Requirements to Control Noxious Weeds The Washington State Noxious Weed Law, RCW 17.10.140 requires; “every owner shall perform or cause to be performed those acts as may be necessary to: Eradicate all Class A noxious weeds designated for control in that region within and from the owner’s property; and control and prevent the spread of all Class B and Class C noxious weeds listed on the county weed list as locally mandated control priorities within and from the owner’s property.”For a full list of both the Washington State Noxious Weed list and the Wahkiakum CountyNoxious Weed List please visit our website at or contact the Wahkiakum County Noxious Weed Board by phone 360-795-3852, email or mail at PO Box 583, Cathlamet, WA 98612. Failure to observe and comply with this notice may result in the Noxious Weed Control Program serving a legal notice requiring control of the noxious weeds. Failure to control noxious weedswithin the time period allowed may result in the weed program treating the noxious weeds at the landowners expense and placing a lien on the property. The public is also herby notified that it is a violation of the Washington State Noxious Weed Law (RCW 17.10.160) to improperly prevent or threaten to prevent entry upon land as authorized by this RCW, or any person who interferes with the carrying out of this chapter shall be upon conviction guilty of a misdemeanor. CONTACT: Andy Lea ~ Manager Wahkiakum County Noxious Weed Control Cell 360-749-4196 Publish April 4 and 11, 2024

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