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Guard against phone calling scams

Hope the end of winter is finding you safe. I have had some calls recently about the legitimacy of a group called “Law Enforcement Association.” This group solicits donations over the phone and gives the impression that the contributions go to local law enforcement agencies including the local sheriff.

This is false.

No police or sheriff’s agency will solicit donations over the phone, nor are we associated with this group. If this or any other self proclaimed law enforcement association calls you, ask them to send you information by mail before you go any further.

If you have a question about any mailing that solicits donations in the name of law enforcement charity, research them online first or bring it to the sheriff's office for verification.

Another fraudulent type of call lately is someone claiming to be from the court, requesting payment for a parking or traffic ticket.

Do not give credit card, banking information, or personal information over the phone to anyone soliciting payment for unpaid tickets. They can take that information and wipe out your bank accounts or rack up charges on your credit card.

If you get this type of call, you can verify whether you have unpaid tickets through the sheriff's office.

Some have inquired if we have purchased a new patrol vehicle as they have seen different deputies in different cars lately.

We did not purchase a new vehicle for the fleet. However, our prisoner transport car was 20,000 miles over the replacement life of the vehicle, needing major repairs, and no funds to replace the vehicle. The undersheriff offered to drive the litter control truck which the sheriff’s office acquired from a state grant many years ago, and with that, I was able to move vehicles around so that corrections staff could obtain a vehicle with only 55,000 miles on it.

Problem solved and no major purchase involved!

Two reminders about services we offer for residents in our county: Speed trailer placement in neighborhoods where speeding is a problem and vacation house checks.

If you would like to be on the waiting list for the speed trailer placement, call Undersheriff Steve Marshall and he will set the trailer up along the road to display speed as vehicles pass by.

Also if you are away from home for an extended length of time come down to the sheriff's office and fill out a house check form if you would like deputies to randomly check on your residence while you are away. This also tells us if we get a call to your residence that the homeowners are not present and we may contact you in an emergency.

Until next month, be safe and watch out for your neighbors!


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