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Sheriff's Corner

We want to thank all of you who were patient with our recent heightened security measures at the courthouse during our jury trial the last two weeks. For a minute of inconvenience, we maximized the safety and security of the visitors and employees of the courthouse. It is a very rare occasion that we would put that level of security into place. It was a group effort that made it go smoothly and we extend our appreciation for your cooperation and understanding. Remember that the public’s safety is a priority in every decision I make.

I have recently been approached about two phone frauds occurring again. As it is tax season, some people are being targeted on the phone by someone claiming to be from the IRS. They make a convincing case that the person owes money and if they don’t pay over the phone, through PayPal, or wire money to a specific destination, a warrant would be issued for their arrest. Know that the IRS will never call you on the phone to pay penalties or back taxes. The IRS sends documentation through the mail for late payments or penalty notifications.

Another con to be aware of is a person calling senior residents claiming to be a grandchild. They talk on the phone long enough to extract information from you to pretend to be a grandchild in dire need of financial help. When the caller is convinced that you believe they are your grandchild, they make a case for being stuck in a foreign country or incarcerated and give you instructions on where to wire money or send it through PayPal. If you think a caller may be a young relative in dire straits or are not sure of their true identity, start asking them questions to determine if they are truthful. Don’t answer questions they ask in the attempt to extract more information from you. Follow your gut instincts if you feel suspicious! Have the caller give you a number to return the call so you can take the time to confirm their identity. Take the time to confirm that the caller really is the person they claim to be before ever sending money.

Be safe in your travels.


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