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A message from the fire chief


September 1, 2016

To The Eagle:

Attnention Skamokawa and Wahkiakum residents:

Ever since the Skamokawa Fire District installed reflective (red) roadside signs, emergency responders have been telling us how much easier it is to find an address in our district than elsewhere, especially during foggy evenings.

Alas, after standing three years, some of those signs have either gotten dirty, been covered by weeds, or been blown ajar. Since finding addresses quickly is vitally important, we are asking Skamokawa area residents to take a few minutes to check the condition of their red address sign, and make sure it is clean and standing straight.

Indeed, it would be a good idea for all Wahkiakum residents to make sure their signage is clear and visible from the road. After all, an emergency can strike anyone at any time, and the next address responders need to find may be yours.

Oliver van den Berghe

Commissioner, Skamokawa Fire Dept.


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