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Citizens should do research for truth


February 23, 2017

To The Eagle:

One letter to the paper last week did more to prove the point I attempted to address than I dreamed possible. Fanning the flames does cause a fire to burn brighter which of course focuses more light on something. Falsehoods and cockroaches are both terrified of further illumination so of course those that aren't apparently familiar with history would find reason to blame the editor and myself for exposing such things.

The results of the recent election are not in question and were never brought into the conversation by either Mr. Nelson or myself. I do agree that assaulting demonstrators and destroying property is always wrong and have no argument with the writer on that point.

It truly would behoove anybody that fancies themselves American to actually do a little research into the history of the 1930's before making complaint about something they apparently have little knowledge of. We could, if we choose to, bury our heads in the sand and just pretend all is grand.

Respectfully submitted,

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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