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Is our game warden overzealous?


March 30, 2017

To The Eagle:

With new laws enacted ‘continually’ or seemingly so, it is impossible for us everyday people to know all laws. Yet that is not a legal excuse if caught breaking one law.

That brings me to a law, I just learned from a friend. This friend just got a huge ticket, from a game warden, for cutting firewood, on a private river beach. Having lived along the Columbia most of my life, I had never heard of it before. Having seen people openly cutting firewood hundreds of times, and in the past having done so myself, honestly find it a little disturbing.

In my opinion it is becoming less and less free, even here in the remoteness of our great little county. I am too old to get angry, but this makes me angry. Someone trying to pay bills, with good honest work. He’s not up on Weyco Land stealing logs, but cutting wood floating down the river, being a hazard to small boat navigation.

Is this an overly zealous game warden, or just doing his job? He’s not making friends with local people.


Poul Toftemark, Rosburg


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