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To The Eagle:

Irrespective of your political party affiliation, I think many if not most of us are concerned with the actions and direction of our executive branch of government. If you are not concerned, and without insulting you, one of us is brain-dead.

My comments are not about winning and losing elections, they are about the direction of our country and how does this affect us in a small citizenship, Wahkiakum county? How will the dismantling of the EPA and environmental safeguards help us/anyone? How will dismantling of banking regulations and related consumer protection programs help us/anyone? How will needed money for public education transferred to specific/privileged charter schools help us/anyone? How will endorsement of Russia and its interference with our government and elections and for other countries too, benefit us/anyone? How will spending $18 billion or more on a wall, help us/anyone? Do we need to spend 10-percent of our annual budget on military build-ups? Who will benefit? How many World Wars should we expect with the current administration?

How about spending “wall” and “military” money for education in underprivileged and underfunded areas. How will implementation of all these items that I feel should be challenged make us great again? Are we not great now? Look around. I am not complaining, just asking questions. Rather than complain, I have suggestions. I suggest interested Republicans and Democrats come together and find compromise on one or all of these issues. Let Rick, at The Eagle, organize some meetings. Endorse a community position and pass it on to other communities and collectively to the State. An issue that is agreed upon by approximately 80 percent of the American population is reversal of the Supreme Court decision on campaign funding; reverse Citizens United.

What can we do, what should we do, besides sit on our butts and do nothing? Comments are welcome.

Dennis T. Gordon

Puget Island

Editor Rick Nelson replies: Unfortunately, my health is such that I don’t have the time or energy to organize the meetings which Mr. Gordon suggests.


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