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Islanders discover injured eagle


April 13, 2017

Dan Spaulding

On a stormy day in early April, an injured raptor fell out of a tree on the Dan Spaulding residence on Little Island. After calling an animal rescue service, the Spauldings learned the bird was a juvenile bald eagle.

Photos courtesy of Dan Spaulding

Little Island resident Dan Spaulding and his two daughters came home on Friday to find what he thought was an injured hawk at the base of one of his trees.

Dan Spaulding

An animal rescuce service will rehabilitate the injured eagle for release into the wild.

The bird allowed Spaulding to pick it up. It appeared to have an injured leg and wing. Spaulding put it in a cage before calling local authorities, who directed him to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. They gave him the number of an animal rescue group in Olympia.

"What color is its feet," the woman at the rescue asked Spaulding over the telephone. "What is the color of the band around its beak? How big is it?"

Yellow," he replied. "Yellow. Two feet tall."

It turned out to be a young female bald eagle.

Don't feed it, she told him. Don't do anything until we get there.

Ten hours later, someone from the rescue arrived and took the bird. Unfortunately, Spaulding's two girls were already attached to it.


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