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Don't just do something, stand there


April 13, 2017

To The Eagle:

In last week's Eagle Dennis Gordon takes issue with various actions of our executive branch (intellectual code word for that guy Trump) and observed that if we weren't concerned we were brain-dead. My only concern is that he might not be slick enough to pull it all off, so feel compelled to answer on behalf of the geriatric chapter of the local brain-deaders.

He asks how dismantling the EPA, dismantling banking regulation, boosting spending on charter schools, building a Mexican border wall, and building up the military will help us or anyone? Answer: those actions will immeasurably improve our security, safety, education, and economy and are all long overdue. They were also campaign promises, and we elected him, which is sort of a mandate, no? They also will reverse several (but not all) of the perilous courses that the Obama administration set our country on.

He also asks about endorsing Russia, which I'm not sure I understand, but, if true, seems an improvement over the previous administration's endorsing Iran and China while snubbing Israel and England. And he queries "How many world wars should we expect with the current administration?" and the answer to that is fewer than we'd have if the above actions weren't taken.

He closes asking if we should sit on our butts and do nothing? Advice there is the same as we gave eight years ago when they were shoveling our money out to save some fat-cat banks: Don't just do something, stand there!

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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