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Demolishing cathedrals to pave the swamp


April 20, 2017

To The Eagle:

Howard Brawn's endorsement of the Trump regime making America great again by eviscerating the very agencies and institutions that actually define our country's greatness was an eye opening view of the dark, twisted logic afflicting those that voted for our present Liar In Chief. What of his dubious campaign promises collectively known as “draining the swamp?" What of the “mandate” provided to him by his deluded constituency?

Let's call that what it was--a (fully funded) Electoral College majority and three million popular votes short of a people's mandate for a government supposedly run by them and for them through a democratically elected body of legislators; an obsolete concept long since supplanted by a plutocracy of the hyper-rich in the U.S Congress and Wall Street bankers who are actually the ones who drive the engine of society and its economies. On certain occasions, carefully selected citizens of the lower classes are allowed to get out and push the wagon while the elite continue to steer. They call this the “electoral process.”

These drivers were the same fat cat, under regulated bankers and Wall Street thugs that pillaged our home equity, bludgeoned our credit scores and raped our retirement accounts before begging at the gates of the federal reserve with our blood on their hands, for bail money?!

And now, because it would be good for the economy, the financial industry should be even less regulated by Donald, the Real Estate Agent in Chief!?

That would be as stupid as defunding and neutering the EPA! Yes, I know, filter masks and bottled water are cheap, and Big Pharma will have our backs when childhood asthma increases exponentially in regions of unregulated hydrocarbon emissions. Coal mine owners and maybe even black lung afflicted coal miners won't mind so much when their streams and rivers start running black with coal runoff again because their income stream will flow a nicer shade of green, and who needed that pesky Clean Water and Air Act anyway? Certainly not the fossil fuel energy industries, because they are good for the economy!

Local morale is going to get a real boost anytime soon when hunters can collect bounties for shootin' them pesky spotted owls right outta them old growth trees. So when the last of those stately giants are cut to stumps, we'll be able to stand on any clearcut hill and enjoy a view that stretches all the way to the coast, which global warming will have brought quite a bit closer to many of us.

As for our safety, security and increased military spending, well Donny the Destroyer has apparently found out where the guns are and seems to rather enjoy pulling that trigger. Our nuclear tipped battle group is sailing toward nuclear crazed Korea that may have an ICBM up its sleeve that we or the Japanese haven't been told about. We may only get one more war, Howard, before global warming succumbs to nuclear winter if Donny War-Chief gets it wrong and sucks the Pentagon into his wake like he did with the coal miners and woman hating rich old white guys. But hey, since when has any war not been good for the economy?

It is certain that the Misogynist In Chief and his obscenely wealthy cronies are going to have their way with us. To them the swamp that needs draining are the middle and lower income masses, the lame, the poor, the hungry, the pregnant, those too young to know better and those too old or weak to do anything about it.

Vandal in Chief Trump intends to tear down the cathedrals we have built in honor of our environment, our society and each other, and use the broken stones to pave over us. Without a doubt, some few will find this to be very good for their economy.

J.B. Bouchard

Puget Island


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