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Trump will improve our economic interests


To The Eagle:

Thank you for printing the letters to The Eagle. Lately we have read the tendentious and tedious letters from our neighbor, Bouchard, who it seems is very upset about the election of DJT, the estimable Donald J. Trump. They illustrate very well the ignorance and arrogance of the aging hippie “Zen-marxist.”

First of all, this county and country had an election on November 8, 2016. We selected a president in accordance with our election laws and our constitution. Now the crybabies and weak-minded among us want to somehow go back and undo it. Their anguish and hysteria are on parade for all to see. They are proud of themselves as they signal their superior virtue and care for mankind.

We have all lived through eight years of dysfunction in our economy, our social relations and our nation’s foreign policy. The level of resistance now that we have someone, as president, who many are displeased with, is quite high, fed as it is, by our leftist media and establishment. But it is now that we have a chance with new leadership and ideas. Let most of our citizens get behind something positive and quit the tears and whining.

I am proud of a president who forcefully represents the interest of my nation, and who doesn’t bow, scrape, and apologize for the shortcomings of his own people. I am proud to support a president who will improve our economic and yes, spiritual interests. And I encourage folks like JB to grow up, to read more history, and generally to calm down.

Mike Swift



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