Calm yourselves about Trump


To The Eagle:

This is a suggestion for your reader, Mr. Bouchard: Why not calm yourself about president Trump, elected legally by many of our neighbors? We put up with your guy and his incompetence for eight long years. Eight years of low employment and weakness in our society.

Your side lost the election and refuse to accept it. You would rather bellyache and wear your pink hat, or is it the black mask and hoodie? It seems you would rather have a failed and crippled country than a successful one.

The narcissism and hubris old hippies like you hold onto is embarassing to many of us in the same generation. You may hold my statements to be tired and platitudinous. But I assert that your leftist platitudes are much more disgusting and shopworn. The left has ruined many a country. See Venezuela.

Suggested additions for your impressive reading list might include: Black Book of Communism by Jean-Louis Panne, The Great Terror by Robert Conquest, Communism by Richard Pipes, or any book by David Horowitz. These all deal with the scourge of the world's worst idea, totalitarian collectivism brought to us by that Zen Marxist, the lovely Karl Marx.

Mike Swift



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