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Writer enjoys reading other's opinions


To the Eagle,

First, thank you Howard Brawn for welcoming me to the fray, such as it is. Also thanks to Rick Nelson for allowing the opinions from all view points into print with his hebdomadal presentation. After noticing two other frequent writers using a word I needed to look up, I considered adding my own so people will have to use a dictionary. Let the dumbing of America stop here. I enjoyed Howard Brawn's letter as much as he seemed to be at least entertained by mine. That said I would encourage all parties that participate in any fashion to read up not only on European history of the 1930's but also the definitions of communism, socialism, capitalism and while at it, our constitution.

It cannot be argued away that history will reveal itself replete with examples of dictators rising to power in communist countries. Hitler rose to power in a capitalist country. There are other countries that claim to be socialist but in reality have become dictatorships. If a person wants to understand how a socialistic society works, do a little reading about how Norway and Sweden have worked it out to the benefit of their citizens rather than the proverbial ‘few at the top.' As with my letter of two weeks ago, I will not divulge the names of the three earlier portrayed, having come to the conclusion that it does nothing to change anything. Like Howard, we both are convinced that we're correct. Keep it up fellow writers, entertainment is where one finds it in our little county.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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