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Democracy is bleeding into history


To The Eagle:

Touché Mr. Brawn. Big words worked in Charles Dicken's times but when a two year old now asks for an IPad when waking from a nap I fear our language is doomed.

Mr. Bouchard writes a thoughtful letter based on real events unlike the perceived successes alluded to by another writer. If you have ever wondered what would happen if there was an election and everybody lost, stay tuned as it's happening around us and rats are beginning to jump ship. When the wife of a foreign leader pretends she can't speak English rather than chat with our questionable leader, does that make you wonder what's happening?

This is where history becomes prophetic but as always throughout all recorded time, nothing is learned from it other than how to make more and better weapons of war. Red herrings are conveniently placed to distract from the real issues. What in the world has government to do with a woman's reproductive choices other than to use as a dog whistle when there are over 7 billion people in an over crowded and over stressed environment. Red herring, folks, using religion as a cover. How convenient unless you're paying attention as our democracy is bleeding into history with increasing speed. Nothing new. Every other great nation in all of history did the same thing with only the technology of the time different. It should come as no surprise what is happening which is quite sad in and of itself. What am I supposed to tell to my grandchildren? I suppose “history is written by the winners” will have to do.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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