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Democrats should offer actionable items


To The Eagle:

According to the information I have gleaned from "progressive" news sources, both active and passive Democrats are tired of hearing about the daily Trump tantrums and tired of the "do little to nothing" local and national Democratic party. To misquote Churchill, “never have so many done so little for so many.” Many conservatives do not care about the now confirmed contacts between Mr. Trump and his acolytes and the Russian regime, the financial shenanigans of the Trump family, or the background of Mr. Trump's political appointees. It does not bode well for our country that the party (local, state, national) has no new ideas and that many democrats "checked out" and see no point in participating in the upcoming mid-term elections.

In his campaign to become president, Mr. Trump presented voters with action items to "make America great again" by, for example, draining the Washington swamp, repatriating immigrants whom many blame for job losses, by creating vast numbers of well-paying jobs, by bigly reducing taxes levied against “the little guy,” by strengthening our military might, by making NATO and ASEAN members pay more for participation in these organizations, by re-building our failing infrastructure, by providing cheap health care to all, by reducing environmental regulations, etc., etc., etc.

I suggest that to remain relevant, the Democratic party start to offer actionable items to its potential supporters. Providing congress members with the same health insurance choices available to Mr. and Ms. America, getting rid of Citizens United and the anachronistic Electoral College, re-instituting the draft (of both men and women), putting the dollar back on the gold standard, limiting the amount each candidate for elected office can spend, imposing strict standards on able-bodied long-term welfare/medicaid recipients, establishing a minimum salary for teachers and a maximum salary for elected officials, and de-privatizing correction facilities are a few items that come to mind.

Ursula A. Petralia



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