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Relief from whining seems to be lacking


To the Eagle:

Hey J.B., if you're gonna use quotation marks, you gotta get it right (Bouchard letter in last week's Eagle). The actual quote was, "so Trump stumbles along, so far doing more good than harm . . ." and the operative word was "stumbles." He may have already accomplished the greatest "good" he's going to by saving us from Hillary, whose only offering was Act III of the existential nightmare that was the Obama administration, given the bellicose progressive attitudes, including media attacks and bureaucratic treachery. To wit: the current brouhaha -- entertainment business friend puts POTUS son in touch with connected Russian lawyer who purports to have juicy Hillary gossip but doesn't, launching a special prosecutor on a general witch hunt. Basic math: Republican talking to Russian = high treason. Democrat using Ukraine government to defeat primary opponent = normal business.

Those of us who support (not necessarily admire) Trump hope for his success in draining the swamp, but acknowledge the odds are slim, due to the predatory nature of the progressive denizens of the swamp. It's reminiscent of Governator Schwarzenegger trying to get California off its suicidal course and getting handed his head by the very "girly-men" he'd challenged. After introducing the concept of incompetent-in-chief, the letter in question presents two conundrum-filled laundry lists, the first citing scant reaction to the clean-up of Obama's last-minute orders and actions. Well, it's a monumental mess, and to quote a not-so-famous philosopher, "Rome wasn't burned in a day!"

The second list is of what J.B. considers Obama's towering accomplishments, but we less sophisticated folk regard as errors and sins. Including: The Bailout, which prolonged the Great Recession, exploded the deficit, and rewarded the fiduciary boneheads who caused the crash; infrastructure investment that bequeathed us locally with a ferry we can't keep afloat and a new landing that looks like a missile launch site; the education Race to the Top which turned out to be a race in the opposite direction; and the green energy revolution which proved to be a mindless war on coal and oil resulting in high energy prices, equal opportunity unemployment, and the taxpayer financed $535 million Solyndra debacle.

Apologies to Mike Swift, who started all this with his request for relief from the whining. Doesn't appear we've made much progress in that direction -- but then I may be the most superannuated of the participating fogeys. Gotta quit now and go wind up my pacemaker.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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