Would government toy with us?


October 5, 2017

To the Eagle:

Not sure where to start but why not with this. 59 dead, over 500 wounded from the horrific slaughter in Las Vegas yet we're told by Ms. Huckabee-Sanders that, "This isn't the time to talk about gun control." This cognizant gem comes a day or so after our illustrious Attorney General is seen in Seattle whining about marijuana. Please, would someone tell me I'm just in a weird dream rather than the America I proudly served as a United States Marine? A side note: Freedom Market is now open in our highly advanced rural community where persons with the ability to understand facts are able to legally purchase marijuana. In spite of the dire warnings from some of our locals re: kiddies vs. pot, article in last week's Eagle clearly stated that the people purchasing legal weed are more senior and many are in their 60's if not older. Could it be that there have been decades of misinformation shoved down our throats? Nah, this is America where we're never toyed with, especially by our own government.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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