Dog races will take place


October 5, 2017

Dog contestant on the move. Photo by K. Crow

The hounds will indeed be running this weekend at Misty Rivers Plantation, 117 Cross Dike Road on Puget Island. The possibility of a cancellation was mentioned in last week's article, but problems were solved and all systems are go for sight hound lure coursing Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8. The event is AKC sanctioned and sponsored by the Willamette Valley Basenji Club, and will be coursing for registered sight hounds only, chasing an artificial bunny around a 1500 yard course.

The public is invited to attend, as well as leashed dogs. Contestants will park on the coursing field; spectators park on the grass along the driveway. Restrooms and handicapped parking are available in the back. Running will start at 9 a.m. on both days continuing to mid-afternoon.

Last weekend's event was for all breeds and mixed breeds running both the CAT (Coursing Ability Test) track and the FAST CAT (a timed 100 yard straight course) and was a great success, with nearly 200 runs each day. Twenty seven breeds were represented, including some rare ones such as Drever, Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Portuguese Podengo and Kooikerhundje, plus a half dozen or so talented mixed breeds. This week's event should be considerably smaller and more laid back -- with easier parking for those who want to come watch the fun.


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