Trust, but verify the facts


October 19, 2017

Trust, but verify the facts

To the Eagle:

A friend asked me if I read James Roberts’s last letter to the Eagle, my first thought was my God I hope so.

Then I read his letter in the Oct. 7 Eagle and was left with the same amount of bewilderment as when I read almost all of his letters.

He apparently believes we should give up our second amendment rights and have the government he so eloquently points out shouldn't be trusted, suddenly be trusted to protect our family and property. I say no thanks to that idea.

He uses the fact that one well armed man killed or wounded nearly 600 innocent unarmed people in Las Vegas as his logic for gun control, I say he would have a better argument if nearly 600 well armed people shot one innocent unarmed person. I have to wonder to myself that when he served in the Marines if he gave up his protection, you know, his weapon, not likely I bet. I know I didn't give up my weapon in the Army and I don't think any soldier or Marine would do so unless they were one with their bong at the time, which brings me to his next point.

The point he made about the new Freedom Market pot shop in town having customers in their 60s versus kiddies and making our town a better more advanced place to live, oh please, get real.

I think people that make decisions to puff the weed at 60 probably did so when much younger, I just don't think people get stupid as they get older, well that is unless they’re smoking something.

Now for the record, I as many others, are in favor of medical marijuana, why would anyone want to deny anything that helps a person ease their pain if they believe it works. That said, I also believe marijuana is just the tip of the drug use iceberg and I, for the record, believe that recreational drug use eventually mess's with one's brain cells. Don't think so? Then I suggest you read the next etter to the editor in response to my letter and form your own opinion.

Paul Schreiber



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