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Write my name on your ballot


November 2, 2017

Editor’s Note: Under our guidelines for Letters to the Editor, we say, “4. Political or election-based letters will be run until the week prior to the election.” So, the two letters below normally would not have been run. However, as they involved candidates running for the same office, it seems fair to each.

To The Eagle:

As many of you may know, I was appointed in September to the vacant Town Council position #5. I am enjoying the insights and the opportunity to work with some excellent people.

However, I have had to mount a write-in campaign, and am therefore requesting that all in my district who have not yet voted do so, and make sure to spell my name correctly!

Understand that I do not have an axe to grind, nor a personal agenda. My main concerns are the budget, our parks and public spaces, and finding our way forward.

Finally, even though it is too late to register to vote, if you or someone you know has neglected to do so, please take a minute and do it now. Your vote counts, and don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

Jean Burnham

Town Council #5


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