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Don't worry, we're in good hands


November 16, 2017

To The Eagle:

It comes as no surprise that even the little man has a chance in the Trump administration!

To wit: A former manager at a Meineke auto repair venue was appointed to the Energy Department.

A cabana attendant at the Westchester (NY) country club was appointed to the Agriculture Department.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry stated that if we used more fossil fuels to keep the lights on there would be fewer sexual assaults.

A new member of the EPA Scientific Advisory Board stated that the air in the USA is too clean for optimal health.

A newly-appointed member of the State Department Office of Female Empowerment complained that the movie “Frozen” had too few male actors.

So we can all go back to watching fox “news” and thumb-informing our wide circle of friends of our purchases, recipes we’ve discovered on-line, the baby’s latest achievements, and sending fascinating pictures of our cat doing interesting tricks. Don’t worry – be happy, we’re in good hands, trust me! Many more bigly good news to come, not sad!

Ursula Petralia



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