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Shop local and help save America


January 11, 2018

To The Eagle:

I recently made my first online purchase. I got what I wanted and I got it in two days. Sounds good, yeah? Well along the way I read a report on how Amazon is actually taking business away from the Big Box stores. So what? They have it coming for wiping out all the local Mom and Pop stores, right?

Here is something to consider. I am 70 years of age and I can remember when anything and everything we needed was available locally or we made it ourselves from whatever was to hand. Again, so what?

Along comes the big box stores and wipe out the local merchants, poof they’re gone. A step forward in time and you have online businesses taking business from the BB stores. Looking down the road a bit and poof, the BB stores are gone.

And all is still good in fairy tale land till one day some form of social upheaval or natural disaster happens and suddenly you can’t get your items online anymore. Hmm? Mom and Pop are gone and even the BB stores are gone. Oops! Now what?

Support your local businesses that still exist. If they don’t have what you need, order it from an American manufacturer direct. You as a consumer ultimately can control the economics of this country. Why not do so? Buy local, buy American - save America!

Oh, and I recommend ignoring completely all the political pulling and hauling. That too shall come to pass if we all just tend to our business, work together and be productive with our time each day.

Ben Elkinton



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