Only two cheers for Novoselic


January 18, 2018

To The Eagle:

Two cheers for Krist Novoselic (letter in last week’s Eagle) for nailing a bad problem ($20 trillion national debt) and its cause (profligate government spending). As an erstwhile and capable leader of the Democrat Party effort in this county, we’ve long hoped Krist would eventually drift toward the conservative side of the ledger, and his comments on indulgent government squandering indicate he has – so why only two cheers? He lost that third one by characterizing a vote for the tax cut as contributing another tril-‘n- a-half to the debt. Fact is, each of the tax cuts of the past century (Bush, Reagan, Kennedy, Coolidge) resulted in increased revenue. Deficits and debt may have increased, too, but that was due to spending, not reduced revenue.

Too early to tell how well this cut will do, but propitious portents abound: bullish market, vibrant economy, and low unemployment, all due to both the promise of the tax cut, plus Trump’s exorcism of some of Obama’s worst regulatory demons. Republicans may not indeed understand the dynamics of a free market system, but they seem to have gotten it rollin’ again nonetheless.

As to delusional dining companions’ fever dream of removing Trump: that’s provided an amusing backdrop to Trump’s astounding string of first-year successes. In their overzealous efforts at dethronement, apparently the DNC and Hillary bought a spurious dossier from shady Russian apparatchiks that was then used by leadership in the Justice Department and the intelligence community to get a warrant through the FISA Court to spy on the opposition party (sorta Watergate on steroids), and fumbled it so badly that they exposed their own malfeasance in the Benghazi massacre, uranium sales to Russia, the Hillary emails, and egregious dishonesty in Obama’s Iran deal, while finding zip about Trump. So, Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” morphed into a Preposterous Progressive Peregrination, while their ranks in Hollywood and the Fake News Media that they depend upon for covering fire were decimated by being caught in the pants-down position.

The show goes on! Happy New Year!

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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