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Mentally ill people are often gun violence victims


To The Eagle:

A friendly reminder: People who have been diagnosed with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence than to commit violence themselves.

Please keep this in mind when using the topic of mental illness as a pivot from talking about sensible gun legislation. Also, institutionalization in a psychiatric facility (i.e., hospital, asylum) is not a good option. Not only does institutionalization violate rights, it is not helpful in treating mental illness.

After discharge from a psychiatric institution, risk of suicide actually goes up. The isolating and restrictive environment within an institution such as Western State lends itself to abuse and neglect, and patients are often medicated functionless.

Fully funded community-based programs, peer support, and unlocked community crisis care centers (such as Soteria and Open Dialogue) are proven to be much more effective and much less expensive than institutions.

People who have been diagnosed with mental illness are wonderful, creative, contributing citizens to our community. Please do not forget our value as fellow humans.

Minette Smith



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