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Here's a list of the president's accomplishments


To the Eagle,

I have met and chatted with Howard Brawn on several occasions but I had no idea he had such a flair for comedy. His letter last week proclaiming that Trump has accomplished such wonderful and amazing things in his first year left me with tears of laughter rolling down my well worn cheeks.

I thought by listing his accomplishments I might find something to justify Mr. Brawn's laudatory statement but came up with the following.

If this is success to be happy about there is something seriously wrong with our collective sense of humor. A list would be a good way to point out the tongue in cheek humor of said writer. Where to start? He successfully threw paper towels to some folks in Puerto Rico after the island was nearly destroyed by the hurricane last Fall. He has managed to convince some people that by staffing the WH with his family as, get this, ‘senior advisers' it is a good thing. He has managed to run off the few that seemed to have basic knowledge of our constitutional form of government.

He has spent more time on the golf course than any president ever, 100 times as of this writing, after stating during his campaign that he wouldn't have time for golf. He had the Stasi, er, ICE agents forcibly remove a ten year old girl from a hospital and deported although she needed further medical treatment.

Here in our neck of the woods he has allowed and encouraged ICE to set up stings to take people away from their families by posting an ad for pinatas. ICE agents went on the beach to arrest a man working the oyster beds who has lived here for decades. ICE arrested and removed a physician that had lived here for nearly 40 years and had a medical practice with hundreds of patients. During the campaign he stated that the rapists and drug dealers were the ones that he was going after.

Trump has lied about nearly everything and so often that even the people in meetings with him don't have any idea of what he is proposing. Last week in a WH meeting he proposed new gun regulations that baffled the attendees and was quickly reversed as soon as an NRA lobbyist met him at the Oval Office in the middle of the night. He has successfully alienated most of the leaders of the free world while lauding that out of control dictator in the Philippines that has killed hundreds if not thousands of street level drug dealers, without trial or judicial process.

The list goes on, added to nearly on a daily basis, but in the interest of brevity, I will stop. I'm sure there will be rebuttals from other humorists and will wait patiently for more to further entertain. Seriously though, it does make me wonder how otherwise articulate individuals can think such thoughts. Maybe family values mean nothing to them.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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