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March 29, 2018

Ron Wright

Mr. Rooklidge's first period robotics class mentoring in Mrs. Fudge's kindergarten class.

Mrs. Fudge's kindergarten class began robotics last week with mentoring help from Mr. Rooklidge's high school robotics class. A good time was had by all. It is also educational, as Mrs. Fudge remarked after seeing robotics in action: "Robotics ticks off many of the skills we are trying to teach these young learners, including procedural thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking. They also learn about teamwork and to see themselves as creators, scientists and mentors for each other. Robotics also provides motivation for students to complete their other work and reduces absences. This is great."

One of the areas where these very young kids need to develop is with putting together the smaller Lego parts, in teacher lingo: "fine motor skills." To help with this, Mrs. Fudge is asking the public for any Lego parts you may have laying around the house, perhaps leftover from when your kids were younger.

"I'm hoping to get many more of the smaller parts," she said. If you have any you can donate bring them to the elementary school office. "Complete kits are fine, and all the way to just bags of loose parts. The smaller size Legos are better than the large-sized ones normally used for very young kids. Thank you."

Many more photos are available online, and some links to a short video, on their website: https://wahkiakumwohbotwounhdup.wordpress.com/cse-igrant/


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