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Writer responds to assessor's response


To The Eagle:

Let’s take Bill Coons’ response to my letter in order: Welcome Slough Boatworks is not a business, it has no tax ID numbers and does not build boats for profit. It is a name with a website only to give credence to the boats I build so non-profits can raise as much money as possible. If I have sold a boat, it was mine personally. Bill Coons knew this and turned me into the Wash. Dept. of Revenue and told me he will let them decide! They investigated and I was cleared of all Bill Coons’ accusations according to Dave S. at the Olympia office. According to Dave, had Welcome Slough Boatworks been a business the Wash. Dept of Rev. would have taxed it.

As far as Bill stating that his wife’s new house or “mokki” (Finnish word for house via Google), was placed on her property, it was not placed. It was built by a contractor starting with its reinforced concrete foundation all the way to its wrap-a-round porch, beautifully trimmed out windows and barge-rafters. So Bill, could you please clear something up for the good people of the county? Please let us all know the date the county issued the pre-approved building permits and their numbers for the framing, mechanical, septic and state electrical for the brand new mokki before you and your wife started construction. Also, could you show us the letter from the Wash. Dept. of Ecology exempting you and your wife from building the mokki less than 50 feet from the bank of the Slough? Oh, a couple more things, please share with us the difference you paid in taxes from 2016 to 2017 for the new mokki on that specific piece of property, along with why your wife needs a lawyer to communicate with the county concerning the mokki?

Lastly, in my opinion, your stating that you serve the taxpayers in an unbiased manner according to the tax laws is a joke. I think it’s best you serve the taxpayers by retiring.

Michael Baccellieri

Puget Island


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