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Use it or lose it


To The Eagle:

When we purchased the Video Store from Becky in 2009 it was suggested that this business, movie and game rentals and sales, was like a “buggy whip factory”; a business providing a soon to be obsolete product or service. Recently I have heard the term for our type of business as a “melting ice cube.” It may have taken longer than many have predicted, but the future of the Video Store is currently being questioned.

Even though our product or service has lots of competition, every day I hear from regular patrons, and even the “once in a while” customers, how glad they are that this store is still around to help them with their home entertainment needs. When customers bring friends or family from out of town, they invariably comment that they wish they still had a video store in their home town. I am very thankful to have such a loyal customer base. It truly does feel like family.

Now to the heading “Use It Or Lose It.” We never expected to get rich here, we just didn’t want the doors to close. I have enjoyed (nearly) every day spent at the Video Store over the past nine years. There have certainly been days I would rather do something other than go to work, but it was never because I did not love this job. Unfortunately the Video Store is reaching a point where it is becoming more difficult to continue to provide the selection and level of service that customers have come to expect, and at the same time pay all the bills. And I still don’t want the doors to close.

I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Hence the dilemma. Do you give the community a “heads-up” that you are on thin ice and need a little help to stay afloat, or just wait until you hit that brick wall and make the decision to close shop? I’m well aware of the options available today: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., and understand the convenience they offer. All I ask is that if you value having perhaps the last video store of SW Washington in your backyard, stop in once in a while to rent a move or game, browse through our vintage and antique collection, view our mélange of miscellany, and say hello!

Carla Keilwitz



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