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Tend to your own knitting good advice


To The Eagle:

After attending the candidates forum last week, I came away with the lingering questions I always have after someone claims to be a conservative. What is conservative about being concerned about some woman making the wrenching personal decision in regard to whether or not to carry a fetus to term as opposed to getting an abortion? When some old guy stands in front of a crowd and proudly announces that he is ‘pro-life', it does remind me of the whiney little tattletale kid on the second grade playground. It makes me wonder why some carpet bagger from somewhere else is concerned about such an issue unless that same person had hoped to adopt the potential infant and raise and send the same child off to college. I know, hiding behind what some call religion seems to be all it takes to be ‘concerned' about other people’s, well, much of anything. Tend to your own knitting was a common sense lesson taught by my mother when I was a youngster and works well to this day.

What, pray tell, does attempting to get rid of what is known as encumbered timber have anything to do with being conservative? Logic would dictate that the few remaining stands of trees of any size would be left standing, regardless of the need for extra funds to run a county that seems bent on destroying itself from within. We do indeed live in interesting times.

Several attendees at the forum mentioned the fact that I was sitting with Howard and Judy Brawn as though it was strange. I realize that over time Howard and I have crossed pens, rather than swords, on these pages but it certainly doesn't make me dislike him. We are both old men that served our country honorably in our youth and on to our respective military experiences and adult lives.

As always, I await the expected responses which add a little entertainment to our country lives. Peace.

James Roberts


[Editor’s note: The Eagle will have coverage of the candidate forum and candidate Carolyn Long’s town hall meeting in next week’s edition.]


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