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Marine that knits is funnier


To The Eagle:

Well I read the letter to the editor last week where your typical liberal takes his time to try and explain what a conservative is, of course he was way off the mark and the explanation was the funniest thing I ever heard, no wait, this old Army Sergeant has to say a Marine that knits, now that's funnier.

The next topic was about the gut wrenching decision a woman has to make to abort a baby, a less gut wrenching decision would be that if you don't want a baby (rape and a mother’s life being exceptions) how about a much less gut wrenching decision to use some form of contraceptive so you don't get pregnant.

The third cheap shot was at people of faith that has become the left’s dumbest stance of all, Old Sarge here again I have a personal relationship with my God and I don't need or want somebody's critique or opinion about that. My Mother taught me to respect others faith and when someone disrespects your faith you stand up to let them know you don't appreciate their opinion.

Now to the tree hugger, news flash: trees are a well managed renewable resource, I just wish you would care as much about babies because when they are aborted they ain't coming back.

Now to all the people that want to tell me that abortion is a women's only issue I refer to science. No woman ever had a baby without a man's sperm, if that ever changes then and only then will men not be allowed an opinion on abortion.

Paul A. Schreiber



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