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There's no reason to hate honest county officials


To The Eagle:

I’d like to respond to our elected County Assessor Bill Coons’s recent ad placed in The Eagle. I quote, “There’s no need to learn to hate a new Wahkiakum County Assessor.” I am sure this ad was directed toward me and others who posted letters to The Eagle. Speaking only for myself, “Bill, there is no need for anyone to hate an honest elected official, especially the county assessor!”

I would like our new assessor to abide by our county and state laws. Like, if he or she builds a new home they apply and obtain the proper septic, building, electrical permits and follow the Washington State Ecology Dept. rules before building their new mokki (Finnish word for house).

On two separate occasions Coons tried to tax me for things that were not taxable to me. How many other people have been taxed when they should not have been? I find it interesting that an individual, such as Coons, touts he knows the tax and real estate laws and does not abide by them. I would like to pay my fair share in taxes and support an honest county assessor.

Michael Baccellieri

Puget Island


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