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To The Eagle:

Last night at the town council meeting, they had an executive session to discuss the purchase of the small parking lot between Butler Street and the Bank of the Pacific. When they came out of session, a motion was made to purchase the lot for $68,000. After a second another council member raised discussion regarding the assessed value being $34,000 and the appraised value being $38,000 when she was interrupted by Council Member Sue Cameron claiming a point of order. She claimed that because these numbers were discussed in executive session, it was illegal to discuss them in public session. Absurd. The numbers were public information. This was obviously a crude attempt to suppress discussion. When another council person attempted to continue discussion, the mayor cut her off and called for a vote. The vote passed 3-2.

Now for the rest of the story. The property is owned by Bernadette Goodroe, recently retired from the town council, best friends with Council Member Sue Cameron, and good friends with the mayor, Dale Jacobson.

Further, it has come to light that about three months previous the mayor instructed the town clerk to issue a check for $1,000 to Goodroe as earnest money for the property purchase. This was done without public notice or council consent.

Robert Jungers



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